Worlds Apart is an episode of the Chaotic TV series from season three. It premiered the characters Jycella, Aivenna, and Nivenna. Its first air date was November 7, 2009.

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When Krystella's twin sister Jycella comes to Chaotic, sibling rivalries erupt. Jycella and Krystella fight as Aivenna and Nivenna respectively, but Klay has it fixed so Krystella has the odds in her favor.


Krystella's sister, Jycella, shows up in Chaotic for the first time, much to her sisters dismay. After fighting over who was the better sister, Klay suggested that they settle it in a Chaotic match. They play in Exlo Lighthouse with Jycella as Aivenna and Krystella as Nivenna. Krystella manages to win the battle. The match turns out to be rigged, Klay having sabotaged Jycella's battlegear. The episode also revealed some of the story about Nivenna and Aivenna, how they were sisters, separated at birth. When Aivenna heard that there was a creature in the Underworld that looked like her, she journey there to investigate. She came across Nivenna doing a practice spar with Takinom and attempted to fight the winged Underworlder, believing her sister to really be under attack from Takinom. Aivenna's mentor, Drabe, came to the rescue but when Nivenna saw that her sister was with the Overworld, they began a long feud that has continued on.

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