I will think of a name for it... I was thinking of sets and this set I have thought of has to be the best set I ever created. Too bad I don't have all the creatures needed for it.




1. Powerful Danian with Water element

2. Elna

3. Another powerful Danain with Water element

4. Ramarhvir

5. Nunk'worn Assimilated

6. Queen (whatever her name is)

Strategy The new queen gives Earth and Earth 5 to creatures so your water Danians and other Danians will become more powerful and when you deal water damage, your Nunk'worn gains a music counter. Elna is a powerful creature and has a high energy of 70 so he can take down some creatures by himself. And when Elna loses and goes in discard pile, hive is active. And then you transfer all the mugic from Nunk'worn to Ramarhvir and he revives all your dead creatures and then the battle keeps going on. And if someone has swift and range, and attacks Ramarhvir or Nunk'worn, they can win as Ramarhvir has Air and Nunk'worn has water and fire so the new Queens ability gives both of them earth and earth 5 which makes them great in battle as well!

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