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  • Rays364

    Powerful Danian Set

    September 7, 2014 by Rays364

    I will think of a name for it... I was thinking of sets and this set I have thought of has to be the best set I ever created. Too bad I don't have all the creatures needed for it.




    1. Powerful Danian with Water element

    2. Elna

    3. Another powerful Danain with Water element

    4. Ramarhvir

    5. Nunk'worn Assimilated

    6. Queen (whatever her name is)

    Strategy The new queen gives Earth and Earth 5 to creatures so your water Danians and other Danians will become more powerful and when you deal water damage, your Nunk'worn gains a music counter. Elna is a powerful creature and has a high energy of 70 so he can take down some creatures by himself. And when Elna loses and goes in discard pile, hive is active. And then you transfer all the mugic from Nunk'w…

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  • Rays364


    September 6, 2014 by Rays364

    Once I came back after a few years of not being on here, I noticed everyone was gone and was all alone editing by myself for a few weeks. But all of a sudden, this whole place got a lot more active and now has 4 active members. This is great! :D

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  • Rays364

    What happened to Kiru

    August 14, 2014 by Rays364

    Here is what I think happened to Kiru and how he became an underworlder. Kiru was eventually captured by Kaal when he was trying to rescue some overworldwrs. So he was stuck working in the mines which made him a bit bitter in nature so his whole attitude took a change for the worse. And eventually he escaped and returned to the Kiru village to reclaim his title as leader of the tribe but Vlar already has the spot but because of his bitterness gained from working in the mines, he won't take just being 2nd in command. He wants to be leader! So he demands to become leader again and some overworldwrs agree but most don't so a civil war started within the tribe and Vlar's side one. So Kiru and his followers took refuge in a location. And once …

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  • Rays364

    Fire and stone

    August 13, 2014 by Rays364

    I saw an opening of a chaotic fire and stone pack recently but I never knew they were released. Were they released? And if not, how did that guy get them?

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  • Rays364

    Favorite Character

    December 15, 2011 by Rays364

    Who is your Favorite character in Chaotic. Mines is Lord Van Bloot.

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