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    CodeMaster's Decks

    February 23, 2018 by Niohoggr

    This is my list of how would be the CodeMaster Decks if ever write a fanfiction of Chaotic XD. As everybody knows the CodeMaster's decks are composed of rare creatures of locations that are imposible to reach by normal means, so this list contains the known locations and some invented locations of the places where the codeMasters scan their creatures as well as the kind of creatures that inhabitant that place.  

    Crellan--> Prehistoric Creatures

    On my story the Prexxor Chasm is located between the OverWorld and the UnderWorld, specifically under the mist river on the Hunter's Perimeter and over some of the Caverns of the Marrilians. Obviusly, there is a great distance that separates the chasm of this two locations, let's say that the deepest …

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  • Niohoggr

    There are many mysteries about the characters that live on the wild Prexxor Chasm, so I have listed some of the questions that surely many of us have asked ourself with my tentative answer and thoughts.

    • What's implies the category of Past Creatures on the cards of Ursis and Cromaxx?
    • Why Smildon have been unable to escape the chasm and wanted to use Tom's scanner instead?
    • Where is exactly located the Prexxor Chasm?

    I would like to know that fo you think about this. If you agree with me or have a different oppion. I would like to read your thoughts too.

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