Why are the Danians classified as only "ant-like" creatures? Makromil was more like a Dragonfly, and even though he was from the past, in the show there was this beetle-like creature named Hisser who was tricked into trading a mugic (I think) for a can opener by Wamma and Sarah. Besides, from what we saw in "Loser's Circle", the Danians were predominantly bee-like and appeared to be creating a hive with honeycomb - suggesting that the Danian Queen was once a bee-like creature that was likely usurped by the ant-like royalty, leading to Mount Pillar under Queen Illexia and later Queen Aszil. And there was also a moth-like creature in this hive alongside the bee, ant and dragonfly-like creatures. Wouldn't it be better to change their classification to "insect-like" instead of ant-like for these reasons? Just a thought. Besides, apart from the Danians insects don't commonly appear anywhere else in Perim (apart from Keric, Xield, Kamangareth and Ghuul), any other similar creature tends to be more arachnid-based or Crustacean-based (Trimdall, Slurhk, Crawsectus, Tharax, Spyder)

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