Okay, before anyone calls me out for clickbait or being redundant (as this is a fan-made sight for Chaotic), I shall now clarify with the following: I mean a wiki where you, me and everyone else here can create your own attacks, Creatures, Mugic, Locations- Heck, even fill in some gaps that the show itself forgot to fill!

There's only one thing keeping me from doing it, and that's why I'm making this today. See, I've been told that Chaotic is making a comeback, though in what form is uncertain. Because of this, I fear misinformation might be spread on what form this comeback may take. While my ideas stay as true to the game's lore as possible, I want to have a census made about whether or not I should do this before or after the revival commences.

I look forward to hearing from those willing to lend a voice to this.

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