So I'm pretty sure we have all heard about Aichlyys in one way or another. In universe, Aichlyys is an event that seems to occur once a year, when three stars - Lup, Lec, and Teo - appear over Perim in a certain angle, which seems to negate all invisibility. Evidence for this can be seen in the Aichlyys Feast at the Mipedim Oasis, that originated from the Mipedians seeking shelter from "Evil Spirits."

With that out of they way, on to my point. Aichlyys is the only known holiday in Perim, and I was wondering if we could create some sort of Community Day once a year in honor of it. I'm not sure what the date might be, but one idea that pops into my mind is October 7th, as it was on October 7th, 2006 that the Chaotic TV series first aired. Thoughts on this idea? Or is there something already like it in place that I have missed/forgotten?

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