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Chaotic Team

Even though Lord Van Bloot is my favorite card, my team is completely Mipedian.




1. Blazvatan (has max energy)

2. Khorror (don't have currently but if chaotic gets brought back, I will get him will be first single card I get as all my creatures I have I openedup)

3. Ninren

4. Savell

5. Xelfe

6. Headmaster Ankhyja Seeker of the Art

Dream Chaotic Team

I was thinking of sets and this set I have thought of has to be the best set I ever created. Too bad I don't have all the creatures needed for it.




1. Powerful Danian with Water element

2. Elna

3. Nimmei

4. Ramarhvir

5. Nunk'worn Assimilated

6. Queen Aszil

Strategy The new queen gives Earth and Earth 5 to creatures so your water Danians and other Danians will become more powerful and when you deal water damage, your Nunk'worn gains a music counter. Elna is a powerful creature and has a high energy of 70 so he can take down some creatures by himself. And when Elna loses and goes in discard pile, hive is active. And then you transfer all the mugic from Nunk'worn to Ramarhvir and he revives all your dead creatures and then the battle keeps going on. And if someone has swift and range, and attacks Ramarhvir or Nunk'worn, they can win as Ramarhvir has Air and Nunk'worn has water and fire so the new Queens ability gives both of them earth and earth 5 which makes them great in battle as well!


I have been into Chaotic since 2007. The first card I ever got was Aggroar, so because of that, he became my favorite card for a long time and then I found Xelfe which is the coolest looking lizard creature and I loved him till I stumbled upon a Barath Beyond card that I got from a Holiday Tin case which I got for Christmas. Then a month later, I got another tin case and the card which came after the first creature was Blazvatan! It was my first ultra rare card I have ever found! So because of that, he became my favorite card. Then in 2009, after still opening up new Chaotic cards, I got my 2nd and most recent ultra rare card I have ever got, Lord Van Bloot! I got lucky getting Lord Van Bloot as I always liked him and then I finally got a card of him!

My favorite pages

Favorite creatures

These are my favorite creatures for each tribe

Overworld: Aggroar

Underworld: Lord Van Bloot

Mipedians: Blazvatan

Danians: Nunk'worn Assimilated

M'arrilian: Milla'iin

My top 10 favorite creatures: Lord Van Bloot, Aggroar, Barath Beyond, Blazvatan, Xelfe, Frafdo, Elna, Headmaster Ankyja, Ramahriva, Nunk'worn Assimilated and Necrabe

Chaotic Post Cancellation

After Chaotic got canceled, I stopped collecting the cards but I think that I may get a new card pack soon (haven't got one in 4 years)! But even though I stopped collecting new cards, I still look at my cards and come up with new decks. I played chaotic online till sadly it got canceled. But even though it got canceled, I still better my card sets out of nostalgia and hope for it to return!

Chaotic Theories

Here is where I will post my Chaotic Theories

Kiru and the past:

Here is what I think happened to Kiru and how he became an underworlder. Kiru was eventually captured by Kaal when he was trying to rescue some overworldwes. So he was stuck working in the mines which made him a bit bitter in nature so his whole attitude took a change for the worse. And eventually he escaped and returned to the Kiru village to reclaim his title as leader of the tribe but Vlar already has the spot but because of his bitterness gained from working in the mines, he won't take just being 2nd in command. He wants to be leader! So he demands to become leader again and some overworlders agree but most don't so a civil war started within the tribe and Vlar's side one. So Kiru and his followers took refuge in a location. And once they built up back there energy and got a plan together, they attacked Kaal and defeated him. So Kiru and his followers from then on become underworlders and Kiru becomes their leader because he defeated Kaal. Then came lord van bloots ancestor...he kept on trying to become leader of the underworld but Kiru was too strong and once Kiru started weakening and lord van bloots ancestor became stronger, he usurped Kiru and became the leader of the underworld, but then a once lord van bloots ancestor started becoming weak and Kiru's son became stronger, he beat lord van bloot's ancestor and took leadership. And this kept happening over and over again.

Lord Van Bloot:

Here is what I think happened to Lord Van Bloot. I think he got transported into the future by a year or so. He was transported right before Najarin destroyed Dranakis Threshold. Once he has been transported into the future, he takes over the underworld as he beats Chaor and banishes Chaor. While in exhile, Chaor trains and becomes more powerful than he ever was and takes the underworld back from Lord Van Bloot and Lord Van Bloot goes back to Gothos Tower and tries to make a plan to take the underworld for himself.


Rocket Launcher- A few months after I got my strange market gardener which took so many unboxes to get, I tried to unbox a strange rocket launcher from the same crate type. And the funny thing is, I unboxed 4 market gardener a I. A row before I unboxed the rocket launcher.

Shotgun-The first strange I ever got and is the item I got from my first unbox.

Market gardener- Unboxed so many crates before I got this. And then a few months later, when I tried to unbox a rocket launcher, I unboxed 4 market gardener a in a row before I got the rocket launcher.

Green Energy Brain Bucket - The closest store is a 2 hour walk from my house and it is an outdoor mall. I walked 2 hours there to get a steam card and 2 hours back. Took 4 hours total and the use of the steam card was to get the green energy brain bucket.

Hornblower- I never unboxed for a few months and sold some items to get a key. I had enough for 1 unbox and was hoping to get a hornblower. Then, I unboxed a hornblower.

Lt bites- I did a mass uncreated to try and get lt bites, I unboxed a lt bites in 1 of my unboxes and then I noticed it is lvl 100 which was my first lvl 100 item.


Crysis 2 is my favorite game I have ever played by far. I know I don't have it on PC but that's because my PC is really weak and barely even runs Tf2. And you might say why not just continue playing on the PS3 and that's because I have recently found out I like using keyboard and mouse more than using a controller. And my proudest moment in Crysis 2 was when I was playing against the 2 ranked overall in crysis 2 out of all 640,000 people that play online. Teams consist of 6 people and the skill kill pyscho is achieved when you kill 5 people on the opposing team in a few seconds. I got the psycho against the other team and one of the players I killed was the 2nd ranked overall. First I threw a grenade and then wih my SMG, I killed 2 people in a row quickly one was the 2nd ranked overall. Then 2 idiots blew up by my grenade and I melees the last person to death. I have all the achievements in crysis 2 and used to be ranked around 500.

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