Unexpected is an episode in the American animated television series Chaotic, which was first broadcast on 6 January 2007. It is the third episode of the first season.

Short Summary

Tom faces a new opponent in Chaotic named Peyton. The behavior of Tom's new opponent baffles him; Tom learns that appearances can be deceiving. H'earring leads Kaz on a quest to scan the VileDriver

Plot in Detail

Tom faces a new opponent in Chaotic named Peyton (aka Peytonic Master) who uses Malvadine’s ability to turn invisible to throw Tom off his game. But Tom quickly recovers and over comes Peyton using the Cyclance. The match ends with Peyton doing the “unexpected” leading Tom right into a trap and defeating him. Meanwhile Kaz is in Perim with H’earring to scan a new battlegear called the Viledriver. But things go wrong when Kaz decides to take his new gear for a test drive. The episode ends with Kaz destroying the Viledriver (by accident) and returning to Chaotic where he meets up with Tom, Sarah and Peyton.

In Chaotic Tom meets Peyton, a strange player who is also his next opponent in the BattleDromes, Tom is thrown off and angered by Peyton's odd behavior, like him choosing his deck with his eyes closed. Meanwhile Kaz meets H'earring in Underworld city and goes on a ScanQuest after he sees Chaor's new VileDriver. Peyton takes the upper hand in his battle with Tom when he uses his creature's ability to invisible. Tom's own strategy backfires when he takes the battle to "Cyrstal Cave" which causes all of their attacks to reflect back and hit both of them, he is defeated none the less. Meanwhile Kaz follows the Viledriver to the Underworld scientist Ulamr's lab, where he manages to scan the Viledriver, though he destroy much of the lab and leaves H'earring to take the blame. While Tom tells off Peyton, he is surprised to hear Peyton tell him that he had a fun time, and thinks that he is an awesome player.

Battle Team



Song of Embernova (Tom)







This is the first episode that features the new Maxxor character design. The main differences between the design that appeared in the first two episodes was changes to his hair, nose and the shape of the crystal he wears around his waist.

Early previews for this episode that aired in 2006 features the same scenes but were using the OLD Maxxor character design which was later changed before the episode aired.

This is the first episode that Peyton appears in, with a main role, but he first appeared in Welcome to Chaotic (Part One) when Tom first transported to Chaotic, but he just walked by and was on screen for a few seconds.

Origianl Airdates

USA - January 20, 2007 @ 11:30am (eastern)

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