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Tom, Kaz, Peyton, and Sarah are in the past in Kiru City talking about what happened with Kaz's battle with SamShady. They then see two players walking past them, and then when the four get on the hill, they see a whole bunch of players scanning all over the place. AND they see Krystella and Klay.

Tom, Kaz, Peyton, and Sarah start blaming each other for letting the secret out, but then raiders come and the Chaotic players start porting out. The main group see Najarin cast a mugic, taking away the enemies courage and they leave. Tom and the gang are impressed as Najarin saying that he should've told Kiru to banish them. Tom reasons with him having no idea what could have happened.


Tom, Sarah, Kaz, and Peyton discover that many Chaotic players have made their way into the past. They pass the blame onto each other for letting the secret of Dranikus Threshold out. After repelling an attack from the UnderWorlders, Najarin angrily told Tom and his friends to leave. Once they did, Najarin went from angry to depressed. Back in the present, Tom visits Najarin stating that he never should've learned the secrets of Dranikus Threshold. Najarin states that he shouldn't have snapped at Tom. Najarin then speaks of his assistant, Afjak in ancient Perim who used the portal of Dranikus Threshold and was never seen again after he overheard Tom and Najarin talking. Klay and Krystella, who feel going into the past is too troublesome, head into M'arrillian territory where they find Lord Van Bloot shoveling coal into the ovens after he fled from the UnderWorld. They inform Lord Van Bloot about the secrets of Dranikus Threshold. Their price is that no other Chaotic players are allowed into the past and they themselves must be accompanied by bodyguards when they go on scan quests. With that knowledge, Lord Van Bloot plans to use Dranikus Threshold to go back in time and conquer all of Perim. Najarin and creatures from the other tribes come to prevent this from happening, with Najarin ultimately using the mugic Location Lament to destroy Dranikas Threshold. One of the final scenes shows Tom and his friends overhearing a chaotic player inform others that a mysterious island has appeared, hovering, over Perim. It is also revealed that Afjak is Najarin's son.

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