"Even if I'm the last free creature in Perim I'll never surrender to the M'arrillians!"
―Takinom, Legions of Aa'une Part 2

Takinom (Cartoon)

Takinom is an Underworld creature.


A female with red bat-like wings who wears an armored breastplate and knee guards. She has yellow skin with dark red markings on her hands, legs, and neck. In the UnderWorld, Takinom is renowned not only for her unyielding nature but also for her manipulative skills. Her sleek female figure framed by powerful wings make her a fearsome airborne warrior in combat.

She receives new armor in Rise of the Oligarch and becomes Takinom the ShadowKnight. A twisted set of black armor now caresses the entirety of her form, leaving only her wings and face free. This form is decorated with red accent, an assortment of jagged spines, and sharp pointed talons.

Background Information

Takinom is the UnderWorld’s supreme female fighter. She is second only to Chaor in her fierce, fanatic dedication to UnderWorld domination of Perim. Takinom uses a combination of manipulation, diplomacy and treachery to keep herself in power and maintain her status. Though her temper flares frequently, Takinom also exercises great discipline and self-control. She is Chaor’s most trusted emissary when his own rage cannot be suppressed. Though she spends much of her time in UnderWorld City, she makes her home in a bizarre palace on a high cliff overlooking Fear Valley. Her most hated adversaries are Intress and the rebellious Skithia.

She is an advisor to Chaor and helped him triple cross Lord Van Bloot in Lord of Treachery. She later helped Chaor attack the M'arrillians in UnderWorld Overthrown; this was after she became a Shadowknight.

After Chaor was overthrown by Lord Van Bloot she and some other Underworlds, such as Screamer and Ulmar, escaped to the OverWorld and joined forces with a group of OverWorlders that included Xaerv and Alazdan. This group led by Takinom then attacked Phelphor's troops bringing aid to the team of Danians, Mipedians and other OverWorlders who had been fighting them.

After Phelphor ran, Takinom led her army to Kiru city where they engaged both the M'arrillians and the rest of the tribal alliance (excluding Tangath Toborn's team who were at Glacier Plains and Chaor,Maxxor and Iparu who were battling Aa'une ). During the battle Takinom discovered that a majority of her army had been brainwashed but continued to fight until the mind control was broken by Aa'une's death. She became more powerful and even more respected in the Underworld for her heroism.

Takinom was instrumental in reclaiming the Lava Pond from M'arrillian control. Her skills as a leader and warrior were never more apparent.[1]

During the Battle for UnderWorld City, Takinom engaged both Krekk and later Skithia in combat, forcing them out of the city and helped Chaor reclaim his throne.[citation needed]

In the dungeons beneath the Twisted Palace, Takinom uncovered an ancient Battlegear called the Sinister Statuette. This small, crude statuette of unknown origin appeared to have been burried for eons. Takinom initially concluded that the Statuette had been fashioned by Mugicians during the era of the Giants Past[sic]. However, recent speculation suggests it was actually created by the M'arrillians in time before the Doors to the Deepmines were sealed. It may even depict some kind of Legendary M'arrillian. [1]

Special Abilities:

In battle, Takinom is ruthless and relentless. No sacrifice is too great if it will result in victory. Her flying ability gives her a swift, savage, strategic advantage. She has been observed to have a special ability where, if surrounded and left with no other option, she will unleash a powerful ring of fire, knocking back any creatures around her.


Place Takinom on the front line and keep two Klawam. Use Takinom’s ability to sacrifice a Klawam to heal her and deal 20 damage to opposing creature.

Takinom, The Shadowknight, a very versatile UnderWorlder. Giving her wisdom boosting battle gear can balance her stats. Element 5 battlegear is also a good idea.


Takinom is an UnderWorld Commander and a dangerous adversary in battle.


  • Part of her name could be derived from the japanese word for red, "akai."
  • In the Chaotic video game Chaotic Shadow Warriors, her effect is different. She instead has Strike 10 and has the elemental type of air and fire.
  • Takinom had one of the more drastic redesigns for season two. In season 1 her color is Red, with Black hair, and with large dragon like eyes, and a yellow stripe on her throat. In season two she resembles her splash more, having yellow skin, exposed cheek bones, auburn hair, curvy thighs, and green stripes.
  • Takinom's "secret connection" to Intress has never been revealed. Though there are a few theories, including that they may be sisters.

The Card


Stat Courage Courage: 60 
(50 – 70)
Stat Power Power: 65 
(55 – 75)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom: 20 
(10 – 30)
Stat Speed Speed: 90 
(80 – 100)
 Energy: 40 
(35 – 45)
Sacrifice an UnderWorld Creature : Heal 25 Damage to Takinom.

Swift 1

Takinom unearthed a shocking secret bond with her archenemy Intress that she's wisely kept from Chaor...

Takinom: The ShadowKnight

Stat Courage Courage: 50 
(40 – 60)
Stat Power Power: 90 
(80 – 100)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom: 40 
(30 – 50)
Stat Speed Speed: 70 
(60 – 80)
 Energy: 65 
(60 – 70)
Strike 10

UnderWorld Mugic-icon : The Next Attack made by Takinom counts as the First Attack this Combat.

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Notes and References

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