"Shimmark is like a footprint in the sand: quickly gone with the wind" - card text

Shimmark is a Mipedian Creature.


When one sees Shimmark, it is clear that he is both a strong and powerful Mipedian. His body is sleek and well trained, and Shimmark relies on his agility, rather than armor, to keep him out of harm’s way.

Background Information

Shimmark is a low-ranking Mipedian fighter trained as a Mipedian Stalker. His job is to inspect, evaluate and – on very rare occasions – stop those who trespass on Mipedian territory. Shimmark is content with his place in Mipedian society and strives to fulfill his duties as best as he can. His suitability as a Stalker is undeniable; he’s courageous, strong, and fast … and he doesn’t worry too much about matters that aren’t his concern.

Special Abilities

Like most other Mipedian fighters, Shimmark has the ability to become Invisible. This allows him to deliver devastating first Attacks on unsuspecting enemies.


Shimmark is one of the Mipedian Stalkers, unseen guardians in the Mipedian lands.


Shimmark is one of the creatures seen guarding the Doors of the Deepmines in From the Deep (Part Two). He was brainwashed and tricked into opening them by Phelphor.