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Raznus , having been assimilated into the Danian Tribe, returns to Kiru City with a hive of fierce warriors led by Odu-Bathax . They are accidentally discovered underneath Bodal's arsenal when Bodal was testing a new machine. When Tom , Bodal, and Olkiex get captured Odu-Bathax decides to raid Kiru City, Kaz runs off to get Maxxor, only for Intress to tell him that Maxxor is in the Riverlands (which the M'arrillians had just polluted). With Maxxor busy with Erak'tabb and Rath'tab, Intress takes the OverWorld guards and any available OverWorlders to the scene of the accident. While Kaz tries to free Tom, Bodal, and Olkiex, Raznus tries to reason with Intress, but end up fighting each other. Maxxor manages to evade his M'arrillian pursuers and use the Song of Translocation to get to where Intress is battling Raznus. With the Danians defeated, Maxxor had learned from Raznus that the M'arrillians have polluted the Danians' water supply. Maxxor lets the Danians go to deliver a message to Illexia for a truce to defeat the M'arrillians.

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