Perim, where much of the story of Chaotic takes place, is a place of mystery, danger, adventure, and Mugic.


Perim is divided into two known realms: the OverWorld and the UnderWorld. Both realms have a variety of locations, each with its own unique Creatures. Four known Tribes inhabit the realms: the OverWorlders and the Mipedians mainly reside in the OverWorld, Mipedians primarily hailing from the Mipedim Desert. The UnderWorlders and the Danians live in the UnderWorld the M'arrillian tribe lives behind the doors of the Deepmines a location in the Underworld

Though Perim’s Creatures live in a magical world, they are subject to the same kinds of personal jealousies, deep-seated animosities and bitter rivalries familiar to humans. However, for ages, they have all fought each other for resources, power, prestige, knowledge and the most elusive, most valuable thing of all: the Cothica – the legendary font of the magic power of Perim. All the magic of Perim’s Creatures, BattleGear, Mugix and Locations flows from the Cothica.

The Cothica is what all the tribes desperately seek. Who ever controls it controls their tribe’s destiny and the destiny of all of Perim. No one knows precisely what it is or where it is, only that it is.


Though long ago there were five tribes in Perim. The fifth tribe is known as the M'arrilians and they hold a secret that has given them power to build a great city behind the Doors of the Deep Mines. One day, the four tribes were attacked by the great army of the M'arrilians who now craved more power, but the united tribes were to strong and defeated the M'arrilians. After the M'arrilians were defeated the other tribes locked them behind the doors of the deep mines.

TV Series


  • The M'arrilian Phelfor once told Chaor that the Doors of the Deep Mines were built to keep the four other tribes away from the M'arrilians. And that behind the Doors of the Deep Mines lay The Cothica. He also clamied they lived in paradise while the other four tribes struggled for power. However later evidence has proven he was infact lying, at least partially.