Odu-Bathax is a very large and powerful Danian. Unlike most other Danian Warriors, he walks solely on his hind legs, leaving four limbs to wield battlegear and attacks. His body is protected by a rock-hard exoskeleton, which can stand against most Attacks.

Background Information

Don’t mistake Odu-Bathax for a simple, ordinary Mandiblor. Though Odu-Bathax wasn’t born into the Danian ruling class, he’s one of the highest-ranking Danians at Mount Pillar. He’s dedicated to the defense of the North Gate and commands the legions of Mandiblors and Squadleaders stationed there. He’s a stern but just leader who stays focused on his assignments. He leaves worrying about the Cothica and obsessing over Danian expansion to others. For him, his mission is clear and simple: protect and defend the Queen and the Hive. Odu-Bathax is the one who reclaimed the Mount Pillar Reservoir from Neth'uar. He is also the one who lead a takeover of Kiru city's arsenal.


Special Abilities

When he’s battling alongside his Mandiblors, Odu-Bathax gets a considerable surge in Energy. He’s learned to use some Mugic and the Earth Element in combination with his ferocious Attacks.


Odu-Bathax is a mighty Danian Warrior who defends Mount Pillar’s North Gate.


Card ID 214
Tribe Danians
Rarity Unknown
Mugic Ability 1
Courage 55
Strength 60
Wisdom 50
Speed 40
Energy 35
Creature Height 9 feet
Creature Weight 1,127 pounds
Favorite Battlegear Vlaric Shard
Favorite Location Mount Pillar

Gloomuck Swamp

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
7 Buggin' Out No Yes
18 Allmageddon (episode) Yes No
22 ChaotiKings Yes No
42 Dangers of Diplomacy No Yes
61 Raznus Returns No Yes
64 Triple Threat No Yes
65 Last Stand (Part One) No Yes
66 Last Stand (Part Two) No Yes
67 Legions of Aa'une‏‏ No Yes
68 Perithon! No Yes
79 Son of the Spiritlands No Yes

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