Nauthilax is an UnderWorld Creature. He resembles a swamp monster covered in bluish-green seaweed.


When Tom Majors first arrived in Perim after being tricked by Klay, he met Sarah, who brought Tom out of view just before Nauthilax penetrated Lake Ken-i-po in the Overworld. Sarah got a scan of Nauthilax, but soon replaced it with a scan of Mezzmarr when he appeared to drive Nauthilax back into the Underworld. With Nauthilax winning the battle, Tom attacked him with a nearby stick, distracting the Underworlder, thus allowing Najarin to appear, beat Nauthilax and heal Mezzmarr. Nauthilax recoiled back into the Underworld.

Much later, when Tom, Kaz, Sarah and Peyton visit the Isle of Kor-Bek, where they dig up a chest of ancient and forgotten Mugics, upon returning to a nearby island via boat, they are attacked by Nauthilax who steals the chest and starts off for the Underworld. Tom and the others are saved by Antidaeon and join him in his submarine on a chase after Nauthilax. When they finally catch up to Nauthilax, a battle ensues, during which Nauthilax almost escapes, but Antidaeon uses the Song of Stasis mugic to freeze him, thus sending his unmoving body back to the Underworld.

Nauthilax didn't appear again until the M'arillian Phelphor came to the Doors of the Deepmines to set the M'arrillians free. He was one of the four guards of the doors alongside others such as Tartarek of the Overworld. Phelphor controlled Nauthilax and the other guardians, forcing them to open the Doors to the Deepmines, allowing the M'arrilians to be free.

Nauthilax was later tainted by an unknown M'arrillian, much like Rarran and H'earring, though after the defeat of the M'arrillians, Nauthilax reverted back to normal and continued to spy on the other tribes.


Nauthilax is marked by his aquatic nature. His skin is green and slimy, like the algae that colors the rocks of Everrain in the UnderWorld. Large suckers located at the end of his limbs let him grip his opponents in battle, as well as having other useful features.

Background Information

Nauthilax is an aquatic Creature. Most of the rivers and lakes in the UnderWorld are stagnant and brackish at best, so Nauthilax spends most of his time near the Cordac Falls Plungepool when he’s in the UnderWorld. He’s an excellent swimmer, so Chaor made him an UnderWorld spy. Nauthilax is usually assigned to scope out the waterways of the OverWorld, particularly the Riverlands and Gloomuck Swamp.

Special Abilities

Though Nauthilax is mainly a spy, he’s known to be ruthless and reckless when he’s forced to battle Naturally, he specializes in using Water Attacks, a very rare talent among his fellow UnderWorlders.

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
2 Welcome to Chaotic (Part Two) No Yes
30 The Curse of Kor-bek No Yes
53 From the Deep (Part Two) No Yes

Card Owners

Sarah (but replaced it with a new strong Mezzmar scan)





  • This villainous UnderWorld Elementalist is Chaor’s seafaring spy.
  • Nauthilax is a green slimy creature who's original design was meant to represent a Squid.
  • Nauthilax's original design however wasn't green. In fact, he was originally pink.
  • Nauthilax's behavior for some odd reason resembles that of a Ram. In the original Chaotic, Nauthilax usually attacked his opponents by Ramming them with his head and knocking them down into the water where he would then use his Special Power known as "Underwater Pindown" to defeat his foe.
  • Nauthilax got his name because of the term his name means. In the original Chaotic "Nauthilax" means "The Fear Of Drowning".
  • It is also name of  Captain Nemo's submarine in Jil Verne's books. Ironically, his enemy has submarine Nemesis- which means enemy, avenger which seems similar to Jil Verne's description of Nauthilax.


Card ID 191
Tribe Underworld
Mugic Ability 2
Courage 70
Strength 60
Wisdom 40
Speed 55
Energy 65
Elements Water
Creature Height 6 feet 11 inches
Creature Weight 273 pounds
Favorite Battlegear Torrent Krinth
Favorite Location Everrain