Mipedim Oasis is a location that exists in the OverWorld.


The Mipedians are extremely protective of their desert retreat. It is impossible to underestimate the importance of the Mipedim Oasis to Mipedian culture. Many Mipedians fear that, if the oasis ever died, their Tribe would not survive. When Deehna came to the oasis on a diplomatic mission for the OverWorld, she was astounded by the levels of security through which she had to pass. Once admitted to the oasis however, visitors find that the Mipedians are generous hosts.[1]

A phenomenon called Aichlyys occurs in the Forest of Life where its trees and other flora glow with an eerie light. Overworld legends say that this light reveals the true nature of all things in its presence. When the Aichlyys illuminated the northeastern horizon of the desert, the inhabitants of the Mipedim Oasis gathereed in a grand "Aichlyys Fest." These celebrations were meant to drive away the evil spirits of Aichlyys as well as strengthen the Mipedians' bond with the guardian spirits of the desert.[2]


Mipedim Oasis is a lush refuge in the midst of a scorching desert. Renowned for its cooling gardens and refreshing springs, the oasis is not open to outsiders. When Mipedians spot strangers here, they attack first and ask questions later.

Location Residents

The Card


Initiative: Courage
Mipedian Creatures Deal an additional 10 Damage on their first Attack.
For those struggling to survive the Mipedian Desert, this is a welcome sight. But it is what they can't see that will prove most dangerous.

TV Show

Card Owners

  • Peyton
  • Tom
  • Krystella

In Perim Appearances

  1. Castle Bodhran or Bust
  2. A Flux Too Far
  3. Last Stand, Part 1


Notes and References

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