The Mipedian Tribe is a tribe of lizard-like creatures who live in deserts of Perim. They range from small gecko-like creatures to dragon-like warriors. Although they are a solitary tribe, they are known to help the OverWorlders. They themselves live in the OverWorld, in dry, arid places. To hydrate themselves, they set up watering stones (as seen in "Shifting Sands") which collect moisture from the atmosphere. They have a long-standing rivalry with the Danians, as the OverWorlders have with the UnderWorlders. An example of this would be Kolmo, who tried to capture (and possibly assasinate) the Danian Queen Illexia.

The Mipedians are also known for being passionate about controlling the Cothica and their ability to dissapear (like chameleons), which they claim to have because of the alledged effect of the Mipedian Cactus, which they consume.

The Mipedians are very good Earth and Air Element types, and Fire and Water too, like Biondu and Otinee.

Mipedians are popular with players because of their Invisibility ability and their slight resemblance to dragons.

The Mipedians also have Warbeasts created by Mipedian Conjurors. It was stated that long ago, Mipedian Conjurors had invented a way to conjure Warbeasts to aid the Mipedians, but they were too dangerous to control causing the Mipedians to dispose of those Conjurors. Some years later, the UnderWorlders attacked the Mipedians. A Mipedian named Adomo managed to learn the art of conjuring Warbeasts and found a way to control them, driving the UnderWorlders away. Even with the ability to control Warbeasts, Conjurors were not tolerated by the rest of the Mipedian society and were forced into hiding.

The Mipedians' usual concerns are gathering and maintaining what little resources they can find in the barren desert. They keep a tight hold on any and all resources that they find. One rare find is the Mipedian Oasis, which the Mipedians guard as though it was a palace. Its security is top notch as they take every precaution, even to the point that they don't let a starving person in unless they have completely checked them out. The Mipedians are ruled over by their Royals, the top of which is King Theb-saar.

Relations with other Tribes

The Mipedians have had mixed relations with all of the other tribes. They all appear to have different and usually clashing opinions, save for the M'arrillians whom all the other Tribes hate. The Mipedians are usually shown to be in contact with the OverWorlders more then any other Tribe, mainly because they are the closest tribe to them. Though it is said that they help the OverWorlders sometimes, they usually appear as rivals more, such as in "Castle Bodhran or Bust (Part One)," where the two are shown to be at odds with each other.

Known Mipedians

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