Mallash is a Danian Battlemaster. He resembles a humanoid ant and humanoid scropion.



Mallash resembles a muscular, humanoid black ant with heavy armor plating, immense red antennae-like structures on his head, and two swords. He has four arms and two legs. Like most of the other Danians, Mallash appears to lack wings. And his tail with the scorpion-like spike.

The Card

On the card, Mallash appears to be holding two gold glowing orbs.

They appear to be the attack, Ember Swarm.

In the Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
14 The Birth of Borth-Majar Yes No
17 Scavenger Scan Yes No
18 Allmageddon (episode) Yes No
38 Big Time Yes No


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Scavenger scan
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