M'arrillian Sigil

The M'arrillian Tribe (known in Chaotic: Now or Never as the Deep Ones) is a race of semi-aquatic creatures residing within the Deep Ocean.


The M'arrillians are led by the Psikoom, a collective of Chieftains who determine what actions best suit the Tribe as part of the council. Despite this, the standing Oligarch possesses the final word, and is his or her position as the strongest psionic force.

Mugic is not commonly found within M'arrillian society due to the class of Fluidmorphers capable of bending water to their will. As such, whenever damage is dealt via water, a Fluidmorpher is granted a Mugician, and they are often called upon to empower the Kha'rall fighters who make up the large brutish majority of the M'arrillian army. Fluidmorphers used to hold a higher status, with the head Fluidmorpher, Teren'kar, bearing Power second only to the Oligarch herself - though something, likely the emergence of the Khilaian Sphere, permanently changed this going forward. Similarly, Scouts were previously used by the likes of Pheren'tal in order to study the likes of the other Tribes, in a time when such action was necessary, though they appear to be much less common within present day M'arrillian society. Additionally, following the destruction of Aa'une at Lake Blakeer at the end of the second M'arrillian Invasion, Fluidmorphers became Elementalists, having seemingly lost their abilities to Fluidmorph.


First M'arrillian Invasion

More than 2000 solons ago, the M'arrillians were a small Tribe that remained within the Deep Ocean of Perim, with very few members of the dryland Tribes actually being aware of their existence, as was Pheren'tal's preference - due to their lesser numbers and ineffective nature on land. The M'arrillians. Nevertheless, Pheren'tal kept Scouts, which she would deploy in order to observe the drylanders in hopes of better understanding them when the time came to strike.

After the creation of the Khilaian Sphere, a wave of Power was felt across Perim. A Scout, named Herat'lat, revealed that she'd spied the High Muge of the Hearth, Gyrantin, fearmongering among the UnderWorlders that the Mipedians were developing a weapon to be used against the other Tribes. With this, a Fluidmorpher named M'ahadil sought to steal whatever the source of this Power was, though his colleagues were less eager. Herat'lat volunteered to guide M'ahadil into Mipedian territory, taking the waterways through the UnderWorld toward the Mipedim Oasis.

After observing the Mipedians collecting water from their Dew Farm, M'ahadil uses his Fluidmorphing abilities to craft a disguise so as to infiltrate the City of Kehn-Sep, where he eventually came to encounter Varakarr, pupil and intended successor to the High Muge of the Desert, Khilai, and who had aided in the creation of the Khilaian Sphere. M'ahadil revealed to Varakarr the existence of the M'arrillians, as well as the fact that he'd been drawn to the Power of the Khilaian Sphere. Wanting the first interaction with the M'arrillians to be one of peace, Varakarr guided M'ahadil to the Khilaian Sphere, where the M'arrillian took advantage of Varakarr's hospitality and stole the artifact after it had imbued him with phenomenal Power.

M'ahadil then attacked Varakarr's mind, while also forcing the guards he encountered to do battle with one another - exploring his newfound abilities. At this point, M'ahadil was confronted by another of Khilai's pupils, Firizion, and though he feared the Power of a Muge, M'ahadil's sporadic fighting proved himself to be more than a match for Firizion, leaving her for dead as he retreated to the Oasis and returned to M'arr with Herat'lat.

After nearly a month of training his skills, M'ahadil bested even his mentor, Teren'kar, impressing Pheren'tal, who then asked if she could experience the Power of the Khilaian Sphere first hand. Hungry with the Power she'd been imbued with, Pheren'tal called a meeting of the Psikoom, with both M'ahadil and Teren'kar in attendance, declaring that the time for them to strike against the dryland Tribes was nigh. Chieftains X'arlon and N'elyar voiced their concerns about the High Muges hailing from each of the Tribes, and while warranted, Pheren'tal provided an answer in the form of Herat'lat, who detailed how the Muges drew their Power from the Vortices of the Elements within Kaizeph.

In a matter of six days, Herat'lat led M'ahadil, N'elyar, and an army of M'arrillians to Kaizeph, where the Fluidmorphers created an ice bridge leading to the floating city. Entering through the Wave Gate, the M'arrillians attacked Derien's Mipedian forces there, managing to brainwash Maranq and others into turning on their allies and unlocking abilities they were not prior privy to. Even so, the M'arrillians were not prepared to deal with the Muges stationed there as well: Biginth, Ganott, Tanita, and Wilrab. Varakarr then accessed the Power of the Vortex of Wind and managed to push the Fluidmorphers from Kaizeph, with Ganott and Tanita intending to move Kaizeph before the Fluidmorphers could reenter the city while Biginth and Wilrab fought back the remaining M'arrillians.

M'ahadil, however, took inspiration from Varakarr and sought the Vortex of Water, where he used his natural Fluidmorphing abilities to distort the Song of the Vortex, setting Kaizeph off balance. M'ahadil then maneuvered the City of Elements into Lake Ken-I-Po, the impact of which destroyed the Vortices of the Elements and allowed the M'arrillians to pick off the survivors within more comfortable setting. Varakarr, who had leapt from the Tower of Air prior to the impact, survived, but was swiftly brainwashed by M'ahadil to be brought back to M'arr. Once there, Varakarr's mind was tapped for information, and the M'arrillians learned of the Danian Queen's ability to instill absolute obedience over her subjects through their connected hivemind.

With this, Pheren'tal dispatched M'ahadil and Teren'kar to deal with the Danians, while Milla'iin was sent to deal with the UnderWorlders - planning to utilize the UnderWorlders to prevent the OverWorlders from coming to the aid of the Mipedians when the Danians arrived in Mipedian territory. Despite the M'arrillians succeeding to conquer each of the Tribes, as well as most of the High Muges, Khilai managed to escape their grasp, though what became of her is unknown.


Aa'une Forms

Leader of the M'arrillians in his three forms

By unknown means, Aa'une succeeded Pheren'tal as Oligarch and called for a full retreat of the M'arrillians. He saw to the construction of the Doors of the Deepmines in order to keep the dryland Tribes at bay, while the M'arrillians plotted their retaliation. In order to ensure that they would go undisturbed, Aa'une had the existence of the M'arrillians wiped from the minds of all Creatures in Perim, with nothing more than a vague recollection remaining.[1] Understanding that, in order for the M'arrillians to return from the depths lest their water supply stagnate, the Doors of the Deepmines would need to be opened, which required the cooperation of the other Tribes to attain, Aa'une had Phelphor frozen within Ice Pillar as a failsafe. Aa'une then turned to Ritzu'dag in order to select the best Chieftains to lead the assault on the dryland Tribes among the Psikoom, with Ritzu'dag suggesting Aa'une's own personal aide, Erak'tabb, his brother, Rath'tab, one of Aa'une's oldest and most trusted allies, Milla'iin, as well as Ihun'Kalin and Neth'uar. With their plan in motion, the M'arrillians needed only wait.

Sometime prior to the opening of the Doors of the Deepmines, Oban'emre develops a Mugic, Ostinato of Oban'emre.

As well, Fluidmorpher Siril'ean is exiled from the rest of his Tribe, though the reason for this is unknown, and is forced to dwell within Siril'ean's Lair.

Second M'arrillian Invasion

First Wave

After 2000 solons, Phelphor is discovered by Khybon and Jiggorex within Ice Pillar, being thawed and tended to by the UnderWorlders. Claiming to have a message for the ruler of the UnderWorld, Phelphor is brought to Chaor's castle in UnderWorld City, where Chaor, Takinom, and Agitos question Phelphor about his origins and the message he'd claimed to have. Phelphor then revealed himself to be a M'arrillian, claiming that the M'arrillians had stolen the Cothica from the other Tribes and sealed themselves behind the Doors of the Deepmines, though he'd believed that the Power of the Cothica should be shared among the Tribes. This was why Phelphor claimed to have been frozen within Ice Pillar, as he'd been found out by the other M'arrillians prior to his defection. In reality, this was a farce, and Phelphor was transmitting his meeting with Chaor back to M'arr for the Psikoom - allowing Aa'une to prepare for the inevitable opening of the Doors of the Deepmines.

While Chaor talks over the matter with his advisers, Phelphor is brought to his chambers, where he brainwashes Khybon, forcing the UnderWorlder to contact Lord Van Bloot with the information that the Cothica lie beyond the Doors of the Deepmines, in case Chaor saw through his lies. When Phelphor is later called before Chaor, Chaor admits to not believing Phelphor's story, prompting Phelphor's attempt at brainwashing the UnderWorld leader, though Chaor is able to resist. Instead, Phelphor brainwashes the UnderWorld guards and forces them to attack their leader, escaping after having tapped Chaor's mind for information regarding how the Doors of the Deepmines worked. Chaor and Takinom then venture to stall Lord Van Bloot and his army until the UnderWorld army could catch up, with Chaor then handing command over to Takinom so that he could continue on to the Doors of the Deepmines to stop Phelphor. Here, Phelphor brainwashed Tartarek, Nauthilax, Junda, and Vinta into unlocking the Doors with their respective keys and Mugicians, releasing a wave of toxic water, which washed Chaor, Tartarek, Nauthilax, Junda, Vinta, and Phelphor away whilst Milla'iin, Erak'tabb, Rath'tab, Ihun'kalin, and Neth'uar ventured into dryland Perim.

While Ihun'kalin, Erak'tabb, and Rath'tab ventured into the OverWorld, Milla'iin and Neth'uar remained in the UnderWorld, with Neth'uar infiltrating Mount Pillar to reclaim the Mount Pillar Reservoir as his foothold. Using his ability to inspire fear in even the bravest hearts, Neth'uar was quick to claim the likes of Irrabeq, Hermatred, Drazz, and many others - though there was an immediate response from the Danians, who were led by Katharaz[citation needed] . While more and more Danians would fall to M'arrillian control, Katharaz would escape brainwashing, ordering a retreat of the Danians from the Reservoir. Neth'uar would later be joined by the likes of Xis'torq and together they would begin tainting the Danian lifeblood.

Meanwhile, Milla'iin arrives at the Lava Pond and is met with some resistance from the UnderWorlders living there, who worked in tandem with the UnderWorld army in combating Milla'iin. In particular, Milla'iin was surprised that he could not brainwash the likes of Kreaal, as the Creature apparently lacked a brain to begin with, though he was a formidable opponent nonetheless. [citation needed]

Milla'iin then called upon Khybon, having him reroute the drainage pipes leading from UnderWorld City into the Lava Pond, but not before being confronted by Zapetur, and though under regular circumstances Zapetur would have his Power magnified by the effects of the Lava Pond, Khybon succeeded in his task during the battle, and Milla'iin was able to defeat Zapetur and begin flooding the Lava Pond. With the Lava Pond becoming more gelatinous in the presence of water, Milla'iin [citation needed] succeeds in brainwashing Ragetrod, Gambreor, Kraade, Ooloo, and Magmon in the process, relishing in witnessing Magmon's body solidify beneath the surface.

In the OverWorld, Erak'tabb and Rath'tab arrive in the Riverlands, where they take advantage of the Caretakers in the immediate area, with Rellim and Issaley coming under M'arrillian control. Despite Tartarek attempting to lead a resistance movement in order to defend their homeland, Tartarek, Trimdaal, Targubaj, and many other OverWorlders would find that the M'arrillians had power over them which they could not compete with, with only Akkreaan escaping the ordeal unscathed.[citation needed] The M'arrillians then set their brainwashed to work in damming up the Riverlands, transforming it into a cesspool for them to control. [citation needed]

Elsewhere, Ihun'kalin arrived in Rao'pa Sahkk to find it completely barren, brainwashing as many Mipedians, including Wistanne, Savell, Jumbad, Epitrinne, and others, as he could in order to aid in flooding of the ocean with no water. Ihun'kalin's presence however would awaken Owayki, and the two would often clash with one another over Mipedian territory. Ihun'kalin would later be joined by the likes of Klar'nok and Ebena'bakku, intent on claiming Mipedim Oasis for the M'arrillians next - planting Mizkio as a spy among her fellow Mipedians to understand any weaknesses the Oasis may have.[citation needed]

Furthermore, Ihun'kalin attacked Sobtjek, Ario, Dakamaal, and his Disciples when they sought the Warriors of Owayki, which ultimately led to Dakamaal's brainwashing, pitting the Mipedians against their own kind while Ihun'kalin attempted to deal with Owayki himself.

After conquering the Lava Pond, Milla'iin made for the Dakrue River - taking the opportunity to add Asadab to his collection of brainwashed UnderWorlders. Milla'iin then put his UnderWorlders to work in damming Dakrue River, but before long, a human named Mister E came looking for a scan. Milla'iin agreed to being scanned by Mister E, in exchange for his compliance - with Milla'iin brainwashing Mister E and forcing him to battle certain Creatures in Chaotic to better understand how they would battle in Perim.

Sometime after, H'earring brings KidChaor to Dakrue River, as it had been the last place Milla'iin was spotted and KidChaor desired a scan of the M'arrillian. Milla'iin would proceed to attack the two through control of the UnderWorlders, ultimately resulting in the brainwashing of H'earring as well. As such, H'earring joined the UnderWorlders in damming Dakrue River, and despite KidChaor's attempts to use a Flux Bauble to get H'earring away from Milla'iin's influence, his attempts were met with failure.

Second Wave

As the second wave of the M'arrillian invasion begins, the Fluidmorphers and Kha'rall fighters among the Tribe are unleashed onto Perim.

Within the Mount Pillar Reservoir, Fla'gamp and Nunk'worn report to Nunk'worn, prepared to strengthen Rol'doi for battle. This is when the Danians make an attempt to reclaim the Reservoir, with Tarbok and the guards fighting alongside the likes of Aureban and Agrino Jaldar - however the attempt was met with failure, and many of the Danians who'd ventured to reclaim the Reservoir were brainwashed, adding to the M'arrillians' numbers.[citation needed]

Once finished with Dakrue River, Milla'iin leads the UnderWorlders to Cordac Falls Plungepool, where they convene with the likes of Aer'dak and Mik'banin, and the two groups joined forces in order to attack the residents of the Plungepool. Afterwards, Milla'iin and his UnderWorlders then begin working on a trench, intended to redirect the water of Cordac Falls into Fear Valley.[citation needed]

Dror'niq arrives at the Riverlands with Ikub'ra, who bears a greater disdain for OverWorlders even moreso than Chaor. Erak'tabb then begins moving his forces from the Riverlands into the Eye of the Maelstrom, where he brainwashes its respective Caretaker, Biakan and begins flooding the location.[citation needed]

Ihun'kalin is aided by Vitar'zu and the Fluidmorphers and decides to focus his energy on Mipedim Oasis. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Rasbma Darini attempts to liberate Rao'pa Sahk while Ihun'kalin is gone, but is this act results in Rasbma Darini's brainwashing.[citation needed]

With the threat of the four High Muges, Aa'une lifts Siril'ean's exile, valuing his ability to silence Mugic and sending him after the High Muges.

Third Wave

Both Targubaj and Attacat are freed from M'arrillian control and return to Kiru City.

Ekuud leads a band of Mandiblors yet another attempt to force the M'arrillians from the Mount Pillar Reservoir, setting up the Foothold Assault Trench - yet the attempt ends in failure and Ekuud is forced to retreat with his forces. Faced with no other option, Illexia orders that the Danians begin searching for a new home, deploying Hiadrom, as well as Odu-Bathax and Raznus. In the meantime, Maxxor - having gotten word about the state of the Riverlands, sets out in his Wing-Fin to see it for himself.

In Maxxor's absence, the Danians unintentionally drill beneath Kiru City, with their drilling causing seismic activity as a result. When they are found out by the likes of Bodal, Olkiex, MajorTom, and KidChaor, the Danians attack and capture all but KidChaor, deciding instead to conquer Kiru City. Intress then calls upon Targubaj, Wytod, and Attacat to fend off the Danians, but while everyone else is fighting, Raznus attempts to explain the situation. Intress, being unable to forgive Raznus for attempting to assassinate Maxxor the last time he was in Kiru City, pursues him.

Meanwhile, Maxxor is attacked by Erak'tabb and Rath'tab, with the M'arrillians managing to destroy his Wing-Fin, and chasing him over a waterfall. From here, Maxxor follows one of the cave systems leading beneath Kiru City, where he arrives in time to stop Raznus from Infecting Intress. Raznus explains that the Danians had been merely searching for a new home, which Maxxor is now able to attest to after having seen what the M'arrillians had done to the Riverlands. With this, Maxxor sends Raznus back to Queen Illexia, calling for a truce between the two Tribes in wake of the M'arrillian threat.

Ki'bro, with aid from Mik'banin and Vitar'zu, floods the Storm Tunnel, but is forced to deal with Xaerv attempting to defend his homeland.[citation needed]

KidChaor once again attempts to Flux away with H'earring, but is caught in the process and brainwashed by Milla'iin. At the same time, Chaor organizes a task force of UnderWorlders, including Takinom, Agitos, Narfall, Chargola, Illazar, and Rarran, to deal with Milla'iin once and for all. Planning to attack Milla'iin in the Marsh of Murk as he and the M'arrillians dig their trench - Chaor has Ulmar construct the Annihilizer, which is meant to launch a barrage of fire onto the oil field to incinerate the M'arrillians.

In UnderWorld City, Lord Van Bloot and his army - including Krekk, Skithia, Atrapol, Galmedar, and Klawam - march to conquer the UnderWorld with aid from Emna'ool, Phelphor, and the M'arrillians.

Chaor's forces succeed in keeping the M'arrillians pinned within the Marsh of Murk, but when the Annihilizer fires, they are unable to rescue the UnderWorlders still under Milla'iin's control. Rarran subsequently hits the UnderWorlders with a Flame Repel attack, making them Fireproof, so that they'd survive the blast - however he is brainwashed by Milla'iin in the process. MajorTom uses a Torwegg to lift KidChaor from the Marsh of Murk just in time, placing a Mind Bander on his head in order to free him from Milla'iin's control. Milla'iin in the meantime, plunges beneath the oil covered waters of the Marsh of Murk with his M'arrillian forces to escape the flames. Aa'une then speaks to Chaor through Rarran, explaining how Milla'iin's actions had been a tactic meant to lead Chaor away from UnderWorld City in order to make it vulnerable, with the entirety of the UnderWorld Army now falling under M'arrillian control and marching toward the Marsh of Murk to destroy Chaor and the other UnderWorlders.

Tangath Toborn and Odu-Bathax attempt to train the Danians and OverWorlders to work together, but each attempt ends in failure, as they often but heads with one another. This allows Ghatup and Shimmark to sneak up and attack Aimukk, Bierk, Arias, and Viqtarr, while Prince Mudeenu and Malvadine do the same with Nebres and Tassanil. This is all in an attempt to prove to the Tribal Alliance that they need the Mipedians, as the Royal Council had voted to join them.

With the addition of the Mipedians, the Tribal Alliance continues to struggle in getting along, that is until a brainwashed Lystone arrives and hypnotizes each member of an activity being overseen by Tangath Toborn, Odu-Bathax, and Prince Mudeenu. Lystone leads the members of the Tribal Alliance away from their leaders, intent on picking the Creatures off one-by-one. When Ghatup trips and his head, he comes out of his delusion in time to see Lystone preparing to destroy a fighting Nebres and Aimukk, instead deciding to take the blast for his allies. With her failure, Lystone flees the scene, and the Creatures all come out of their delirium and recommence training.

On the run, Chaor, Takinom, Agitos, Narfall, Illazar, Chargola, Ragetrod, Gambreor, Kraade, Ooloo, Asadab, and H'earring make for the OverWorld, with all but Chaor joining the Tribal Alliance. Chaor, feeling as though he had too many enemies within the Alliance, instead takes refuge near Rokar Ravine, with only his most trusted allies knowing his whereabouts. Kopond, Lyssta, Borth-Majar, Screamer, Xield, Rothar, Eximiar and Nivenna escape the Underworld during Van Bloot's ascent, also joining the Tribal Alliance at Kiru City.

Refusing to work alongside the Tribal Alliance due to his hatred of the other Tribes, Ruhban and a group of Mipedian Loyalists engage Ihun'kalin's forces at Mipidem Oasis in an act of guerrilla warfare.[citation needed]

Agitos leads an assault against the M'arrillains maintaining control of the Lava Pond, though it is not until Kreaal joins the battle that the tides turn for the Tribal Alliance. Kreaal manages to defeat the brainwashed Magmon and Agitos places a Mind Bander on his head, thus freeing him from M'arrillian control. Now free, Magmon takes his rage out on Aer'dak and the other M'arrillians, until they are forced from the Lava Pond.[citation needed]

Savell and Klencka are freed from M'arrillian control and join their comrades among the Tribal Alliance.[citation needed]

Elsewhere in the UnderWorld, Neekwin, and Makanaz assault The Pits, looking to free some of the Creatures being held there, coming up against the likes of Rath'tab and a brainwashed Nauthilax.[citation needed]

At Glacier Plains, Gal'drad oversees the construction of the M'arrillian Heat Cannon, brainwashing the likes of Blugon in order to do so.[citation needed]

Final Wave

Grantkae is promoted as the Mipedian General, with Jorre acting as his Lieutenant. Grantkae, Jorre, and Ario lead a brigade of Tribal Alliance soldiers against the M'arrillians as they attempted to take Al Mipedim. Conjurors Abin-Wor, Appelai, Ailav, Ranun, and Bylkian stand with Grantkae and his forces, summoning Kileron, Glost, Gaffat-Ra, Ere, and Uboraan respectively to battle the M'arrillians. When the Warbeasts' Power began to wane, Ailav suggested that they summon Khorror. Without any other option, the five Conjurors summoned Khorror, who destroyed the Kha'rall forces against them.[citation needed]

Gorram was promoted as the Danian General, with Kepiaan acting as his Lieutenant. In the Battle for the Queen, Gorram's forces face off against the M'arrillians as they pursue Illexia in the uppermost spires of Mount Pillar, facing off against the likes of Xis'torq and Neth'uar. Meanwhile, at the Mount Pillar Reservoir, Kepiaan leads many Danians against the Kha'rall fighters, particularly Rol'doi, who is taken ultimately dispatched once and for all, though not without the cost of hundreds of Danian lives.[citation needed]

Barath Beyond was promoted as the Underworld General, with Nivenna acting as his Lieutenant[citation needed]

Tangath Toborn was promoted as the OverWorld General, with Aivenna acting as his Lieutenant[citation needed]

The leaders of the Tribal Alliance meet at the OverWorld Library to discuss their next plan of action, with Phelphor and his Kha'rall fighters closing in on Kiru City. Maxxor calls Rhaden, an OverWorld Muge who spends much of his time investigating the possible futures through Kirvak Mound, to the meeting, where he explains that the M'arrillians intend to flood Perim by melting Glacier Plains. In hope of combatting this, Maxxor sends Tangath Toborn's brigade to Glacier Plains, all while looking to Tartarek for guidance in plotting against the M'arrillians.

Tartarek suggests that they utilize Telebracers in order to teleport into the City of M'arr to kidnap Aa'une, then teleporting to Lake Blakeer, where Chieftains are powerless. Maxxor volunteers to go to M'arr himself, and in doing so, he is soon captured by Kha'rall fighters within M'arrillian territory, only to be rescued by Chaor, who'd heard of the Tribal Alliance's plans from within the council and used Mugic to power himself up for the confrontation.

Najarin catches MajorTom, ChaotiKween, and PeytonicMaster attempting to listen in on the Tribal Alliance Council. As he suspects Tartarek of being a pawn of the M'arrillians, Najarin asks that KidChaor fight Tartarek while he's stuck in Chaotic in order to confirm his suspicions. In the process, KidChaor discovers Tartarek's M'arrillian BattleGear within his private quarters, thereby validating Najarin.

Meanwhile, Tangath Toborn, Frafdo, Nebres, Ghatup, Bierk, Vinta travel to Glacier Plains , though they are promptly attacked by Rath'tab and his forces - who take down their aircraft. Descending in parachutes, the taskforce plots to use the Symphony of Stasis to stop the Heat Cannon, but the M'arrillians prove that they are more than a match for the task force, allowing the Heat Cannon to fire. Tangath then proceeds to sacrifice himself in order to freeze the wave with the Symphony of Stasis, thereby stopping the flooding of Perim.

Beneath Kiru City, Tassanil, Viqtarr, Faash, Malvadine, Lyssta, Arias, Targubaj, Savell, Fivarth, and Drimesse tunnel beneath Phelphor and his troops, intent on emerging behind them in order to break Phelphor's line. In the process, they lose contact with the leaders in Kiru City, and plot to create a distraction by drilling to the surface in one spot to set off an attack that would scramble the minds of the M'arrillians. In reality, the brigade themselves would emerge further away and create an assault trench in preparation for Phelphor. When Phelphor got close enough with his troops, Fivarth, Drimesse, and Savell Conjured Titanix, Blazvatan, and Uboraan to battle the M'arrillians, gaining the upper hand in the process.

Maxxor and Chaor find, attack, and incapacitate Aa'une, at which point they use their Telebracers to bring Aa'une to Lake Blakeer. At the same time, Najarin bursts into the OverWorld Library and attacks Tartarek, exposing him as a pawn of the M'arrillians. Tartarek then reveals that, while it is true that Chieftains lose their abilities while at Lake Blakeer, Aa'une is instead empowered and becomes unstoppable. With this, Aa'une enters his Avatar form and launches a psionic attack across Perim, which brainwashes the Tribal Alliance within Kiru City.

With this, all M'arrillians across Perim are empowered as well, causing the tides of war to turn once again in favor of the M'arrillians. Outside of Kiru City, while Malvadine's brigade is pinned, Takinom's brigade - including Takinom, Ulmar, Akkrean, Borth-Majar, Screamer, Xaerv, Galin, Kelvedran, and later Iflar - arrives to aid their allies, managing to defeat Phelphor, who retreats with his forces.

At Lake Blakeer, Aa'une casts Maxxor into the negative-energy waters below and prepares to do the same with Chaor, only for Chaor to be saved by Maxxor. Maxxor then explains to a confused Aa'une that he'd had Iparu take his place while he searched for the Xerium Armor, with Iparu having shapeshifted into Raoff, who is immune to the effects of Lake Blakeer.

Meanwhile, Takinom and Malvadine's brigades march for Kiru City, but are confused when they do not encounter any M'arrillians enroute to their destination. Upon arrival, they understand why, as Milla'iin, Aval'par, Ritzu'dag, Xis'torq, and Mik'banin emerge with the entirety of the Tribal Council. Immediately, Takinom calls the brigades to arms against their former allies, and the Battle of Kiru City begins. During the battle, Akkrean battles Ritzu'dag one-on-one, while Borth-Majar manages to destroy Aval'par. Unexpectedly however, Aval'par reforms, informing Takinom that, so long as Aa'une lives, they could never destroy the M'arrillians.

Back at Lake Blakeer, Maxxor, Chaor, and Iparu then proceed to berate Aa'une with Symmetry Slam attacks, which forces Aa'une to enter his Final Form, revealing his true nature while potentially making himself more vulnerable. To counter, Iparu shapeshifts into a copy of Aa'une's Final Form, allowing Maxxor and Chaor to figure out a plan to use against Aa'une while the two titans do battle. Together, Maxxor, Chaor, and Iparu force Aa'une into Lake Blakeer with a positive attack, with the negative energy of the water destroying Aa'une when he plunges below the surface, solidifying Lake Blakeer.

This act frees all the Creatures previously under the M'arrillians' control, as well as making the M'arrillians mortal once more, and thus the M'arrillians frantically retreat back to their footholds, pursued by the Tribal Alliance.


The Danians return to Mount Pillar, where Gorram's forces are joined by the likes of Odu-Bathax and many Danians who had been present in the Battle of Kiru City. Together, the Danians overpower the M'arrillians, with Odu-Bathax managing to defeat Neth'uar, while Nunk'worn is Infected and later mutates into a Danian and returns to Mount Pillar after the M'arrillians are forced out.

Ki'bro and Erak'tabb are both also defeated and their respective footholds in the Storm Tunnel and Riverlands are liberated as a result, though the damage they had done remains long after they are gone.[citation needed]

Milla'iin returns to the Lava Pond, where his superior Power is too much for the UnderWorlders to defeat. With the Lava Pond dormant, Chaor orders Khybon to construct the Magma Dam, intent on replenishing the Lava Pond to its former glory and pushing Milla'iin from the UnderWorld. [citation needed] Meanwhile, Chaor promptly overthrows Lord Van Bloot and chases him out of the UnderWorld, with the traitor now having very few allies left as a result of his siding with the M'arrillians. Not even able to return to Gothos Tower, Lord Van Bloot retreats beyond the Doors of the Deepmines alongside many of the M'arrillians, where he is treated as a slave.

Ihun'kalin, Klik'ssi, Son'las maintain control of Rao'pa Sahk, with Ihun'kalin viewing Neth'uar and Erak'tabb as failures, now vying to fill the position of Oligarch himself. Many other M'arrillians, including Mock'adyn, also seek to fill the place left vacant with Aa'une's destruction, leading to something of a civil war among the M'arrillian Tribe. Though the Fluidmorphers under Ihun'kalin attempt to weaponize the condensation gathered from the Rao'pa Sahk Chimegrid, soon enough Ihun'kalin and his forces take their leave.[citation needed]

Thar'lyn is captured by Fal'makin, who uses his psionic influence to make Thar'lyn a spy for the AZAIA, sending him on missions in order to spy on his fellow Fluidmorphers. Meanwhile, Mock'adyn utilizes Ast'imal to rise through the ranks, intent on securing the position of Oligarch for himself. This comes to a head beyond the Doors of the Deepmines, where Mock'adyn and Fal'makin battle one another for supremacy, though the victor is unknown.

Thar'lyn oversees Lord Van Bloot as he fuels Ri'oha's transmuting bath, though once Thar'lyn leaves, Lord Van Bloot is approached and told of Dranakis Threshold by Klayotic and Krystella, who suggest that Van Bloot lead his army to Dranakis Threshold in order to conquer Perim of the past.

When Kaizeph, City of Elements, is restored to its former glory by the High Muges, many of the M'arrillians put aside their differences in hopes of conquering the Water Quadrant of Kaizeph. Together, Ihun'kalin, Mock'adyn, Tir'baleen, Fal'makin, Nis'dabba, Phelphor, Son'las, and Dror'niq venturing through the Water Gate to battle Maxxor and the OverWorlders already occupying it.[citation needed]


M'arrillians can be quite adaptable due to their large array of minions and their abilities. But M'arrillians also have a central set of strategies of their own. Chieftains have one discipline that is quite high while the others are quite balanced. They often use stat-checks to deal extra damage. Fluidmorphers, as the Mugical experts of the tribe, gain Mugicians every time a creature uses a water attack. They then use those extra Mugicans to activate special abilities. Kha'rall have several element proof abilities and intimidate, but they do tend to be slow. When equipped with Kha'rall shard battlegear, they gain elemental boosts, large energy boosts and defender. M'arrilians focus on control and destroying opponents with lower disciplines, usually when a discipline reaches 0. They also compensate for their lack of casting Mugic by sacrificing Mugics to activate abilities.

The M'arrillians have the ability of mind control. On a Chaotic battle team, their mind control abilities allow most creatures to use hidden abilities, for example, Trimdaal gains Water 5 when there is a M'arrillian on the same Chaotic battle team as him.

Deck Archetypes

  • Chief-10s: A deck focusing on using Erak'tabb or Jus'hebban to empower the attacks of high Wisdom or high Speed Creatures respectively, combined with attacks to lower Disciplines like Ember Swarm or Vine Snare. The deck's front-line fighters are usually powerful Minions with high Disciplines and often Outperform abilities, such as Gimwei and Tartarek, Psi Overloader for Erak'tabb and Attacat, Tactical Aide and Sirri for Jus'hebban. Xis'torq makes a strong supporter in these decks by bolstering Energy. Note that while similar decks built around Gal'Drad and Neth'uar are possible, they are generally scarce due to the relative lack of support.
  • Gan'trak: Uses the titular Chieftain's ability to defeat enemies in combat by draining their Disciplines, often combining him with Okaxor to prevent Discipline gains and Bladez as a powerful attacker. This deck can be very powerful versus enemies reliant on multiple Disciplines, but suffers the drawback of being slower to defeat enemies due to Disciplines often being higher than Energy.

Known M'arrillians

Members of the Psikoom

  • Aa'une the Oligarch - son of Pheren'tal, inherited the title of Oligarch and ordered the M'arrillians to retreat behind the Doors to the Deepmines to formulate a plot to besiege Perim. Was responsible for freezing Phelphor at Ice Pillar, knowing that the waters behind the Doors to the Deepmines would stagnate and that when the time came the M'arrillians would need to be freed once more, though this time they'd have formulated a strategy. As a result, Aa'une also ordered that the M'arrillians be cleansed from the minds of the dryland Perim prior to locking the Doors. Upon release, Aa'une remained within the City of M'arr, though he orchestrated the plot to invade UnderWorld City. When the time came that Maxxor and Chaor would come to M'arr to defeat Aa'une, with whom the rest of the Tribe is invincible, Aa'une used the brainwashed Tartarek to manipulate them into taking him to Lake Blakeer, where he took on his Avatar state and eventually his ultimate form. Aa'une would be destroyed by Maxxor, Chaor, and Iparu at Lake Blakeer.
  • Erak'tabb - Personal aide to Aa'une, brother to Rath'tab, chosen to reclaim The Riverlands for the M'arrillains alongside Rath'tab and Ikub'ra. Brainwashed Rellim and Issaley in order to do so. Briefly fought Maxxor while he investigated the Riverlands. Following Aa'une's defeat, Erak'tabb suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Tribal Alliance, who liberated the Riverlands. Whether he survived or not is unknown.
  • Rath'tab - Brother to Erak'tabb and strong opposition to the use of Mugic among the M'arrillian Tribe, believing instead that they should rely on their power over the mind. Rath'tab was one of five members of the Psikoom chosen to lead the M'arrillian invasion, working alongside Erak'tabb to reclaim the Riverlands for the M'arrillians. Briefly battled Maxxor when he came to investigate the status of the Riverlands. Sent to oversee operations of the Heat Cannon at the Glacier Plains Melting Camp, where he lead the M'arrillians in fighting Tangath Toborn and the Tribal Alliance. Escaped being frozen by Tangath's Symphony of Stasis Mugic when the Heat Cannon melted the ice. Following Aa'une's defeat, Rath'tab was possibly destroyed by the power of Arctus' Allmaggeddon attack.
  • Milla'iin - One of the closest members of the Psikoom to Aa'une, Milla'iin had been present more than 2000 solons ago when Aa'une issued the M'arrillian retreat behind the Doors to the Deepmines. Milla'iin was chosen to lead the assault on the UnderWorld, where he used the already brainwashed Khybon to flood the Lava Pond by rerouting the UnderWorld City sewer pipes. Afterwards, Milla'iin brainwashes Ragetrod, Kraade, Asadab, Ooloo, Gambreor, and H'earring to damn up the Dakeru River. Once that is complete, Milla'iin takes his band of UnderWorlders and begins digging a trench from the Marsh of Murk to the Cordac Falls Plunge Pool, though this is part of a ruse to draw Chaor out of UnderWorld City while Emna'ool and Phelphor aid Lord Van Bloot in conquering it. Milla'iin then aided Ritzu'dag, Aval'par, and Xis'torq in conquering Kiru City when Aa'une released a psionic attack after entering his Avatar state at Lake Blakeer - utilizing the newly brainwashed Creatures there as shields when Takinom's squadron returned. Following Aa'une's destruction, Milla'iin retreated to the Lava Pond, where he continued to maintain control, forcing Chaor to seek other solutions through the building of a magma dam.
  • Ihun'kalin - Chosen by Aa'une to help lead the assault on the dryland Tribes, Ihun'kalin ventured to and flooded Rao'pa Sahkk, setting up a foothold there for the M'arrillians. Ihun'kalin soon journeys beyond the Hunter's Perimeter, where the Mipedians had gone to seek Owayki. When Ihun'kalin is unable to take control of Owayki's mind, he instead brainwashes Dakkamal and his Acolytes, having them attack Sobtjek, Ario, and Vinta, while Ihun'kalin continued to battle Owayki. When the Warriors of Owayki are resurrected Mugically and gain the upper hand against Dakkamal, Ihun'kalin orders a retreat. Later in the war, Ihun'kalin manages to brainwash most of the Royal Guard, turning them against the Mipedian forces stationed in Mipedim Oasis. Here, Owayki battles Ihun'kalin once again, allowing Ario and the remaining Mipedians to issue a retreat. Following Aa'une's defeat, Ihun'kalin maintains his control of Rao'pa Sahkk, ordering his Fluidmorphers to perform the Condensation Ceremony, drawing water from the air to be weaponized.
  • Neth'uar - the Chieftain of Fear, Neth'uar was chosen by Aa'une to be one of the five to lead the M'arrillian invasion once released from behind the Doors of the Deepmines. Aided by the likes of Xis'torq, Nunk'worn, and Rol'doi, Neth'uar took the Mount Pillar Reservoir as his foothold, forcing Queen Illexia to send Danians to search for a new potential nest. While this ultimately results in the beginnings of the Tribal Alliance, Neth'uar and his forces lead an assault in pursuit of the Danian Queen, knowing that by controlling her, the M'arrillians could take control of every Danian in Perim. Unfortunately, when Xis'torq is called to Kiru City, and after Aa'une's destruction, Odu-Bathax leads the Tribal Alliance in reclaiming the Mount Pillar Reservoir, it is unknown what happened to Neth'uar at this point.
  • Ritzu'dag - As Battlemaster, Ritzu'dag oversaw the training of his fellow Chieftains within the Psikoom Madness Chamber. When the time came for Aa'une to choose the five who would lead the M'arrillian invasion, he turned to Ritzu'dag for advice, who then proceeded to suggest those with the highest rankings among the Psikoom. Ritzu'dag would later take part in the Battle of Kiru City, where the Tribal Alliance made its final stand against the M'arrillians, as well as their now brainwashed former allies. Aa'une's defeat was felt across the M'arrillian Tribe, and Ritzu'dag made a hasty retreat alongside his Tribemates. His ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Xis'torq - Part of the first wave of Chieftains released from the Doors of the Deepmines. Joined Neth'uar in his assault of Mount Pillar as part of the first wave of Chieftains released from the Doors of the Deepmines, taking part until the climax of the M'arrillian invasion. At this point, Xis'torq was called to take part in the Battle of Kiru City, where he and the rest of the M'arrillians took control of the Tribal Alliance thanks to Aa'une's powers being heightened by the affects of Lake Blakeer. When Aa'une was destroyed and the M'arrillians lost control of all their brainwashed victims, Xis'torq made a hasty retreat alongside his Tribemates. His ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Gan'trak - Part of the first wave of Chieftains released from the Doors of the Deepmines. Joined Neth'uar and Xis'torq in the assault on Mount Pillar and the Danians. Ultimate fate unknown.
  • Klar'nok - Part of the first wave of Chieftains released from the Doors of the Deepmines. Joined Ihun'kalin in the assault on the Mipedim Desert. Ultimate fate unknown.
  • Ebena'bakku - Part of the first wave of Chieftains released from the Doors of the Deepmines. Supporter of the use of mugic within the M'arrillian Tribe. Oversaw the deployment of Fluidmorphers. During the M'arrillian Civil War, he would lead his own faction. Ultimate fate unknown.
  • Fal'makin - Part of the second wave of the M'arrillian invasion. Oversaw the deployment of the Kha'rall. Inquisitor of the AZAIA, Fal'makin was responsible for interrogation - having delved into the minds of even fellow M'arrillians, such as with Thar'lyn. Following Aa'une's defeat at Lake Blakeer, Fal'makin was one of many M'arrillians vying for the position left vacant by their leader's defeat - battling Mock'adyn on one occasion as a result. Sometime after, Kaizeph, the City of Elements, was raised from Lake Ken-I-Po, and Fal'makin, alongside his fellow M'arrillians attempted to make a claim on the Water Quadrant of Kaizeph, only to be defeated by Maxxor.
  • Jus'hebban - Part of the second wave of the M'arrillian invasion. The prime M'arrillians interrogator. Those who were disobedient with Aa'une were given over to Jus'hebban for "retraining" , thus when the M'arrillians required insight on the minds of the other Tribes, Creatures such as Tartarek were given over to him for interrogation. His ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Aval'par - Part of the third wave of the M'arrillian invasion. Took part in the Battle of Kiru City, where he brainwashed Screamer, only to be destroyed by Borth-Majar. However, due to Aa'une's powers, Aval'par is restored and continues to brainwash the rest of the Alliance until only Takinom remains. When Aa'une is destroyed at Lake Blakeer and the Chieftains lose control of their brainwashed foes, Aval'par follows Milla'iin and the rest of the M'arrillians in a hasty retreat. His ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Emna'ool - Part of the third wave of the M'arrillian invasion, Emna'ool went to Gothos Tower, where he recruited Lord Van Bloot once more, plotting with him to overthrow Chaor as ruler of the UnderWorld. His ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Ki'bro - Part of the third wave of the M'arrillian invasion, while not one of the five Chieftains chosen to lead the M'arrillian invasion through the establishment of the M'arrillian footholds, Ki'bro successfully managed to flood the Storm Tunnel and claim it as his own. Sometime after Aa'une's defeat, Ki'bro was defeated, and the Storm Tunnel was liberated, though the monsoon triggered by Ki'bro would remain. His ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Gal'drad - Part of the third wave of the M'arrillian invasion, Gal'drad was sent to Glacier Plains, where he was to oversee the construction of the M'arrillian Heat Cannon which was planned to ultimately be the end of Perim. One of the first Creatures Gal'drad encountered here was Blügon, who Gal'drad brainwashed and forced to work on the construction of the Heat Cannon. His ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Ghar'lag - Part of the final wave of the M'arrillian invasion, Ghar'lag was sent to the UnderWorld to aid Milla'iin in taking the Cordac Falls Plungepool, as well as hunting down the rebelling UnderWorlders of UnderWorld City. His ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Wilt'dred - Part of the final wave of the M'arrillian invasion. His ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Nis'dabba - Part of the final wave of the M'arrillian invasion. Surviving the period of decline following Aa'une's destruction, Nis'dabba was part of the remaining M'arrillians who sought to stake a claim on Kaizeph's Water Quadrant, only to be brutally defeated by Maxxor.


  • Phelphor - Positioned by Aa'une as a fail-safe to open the Doors of the Deepmines should the other Tribes not do so prior to his being found, Phelphor was frozen within Ice Pillar and unearthed by Khybon and Jiggorex 2000 solons later. When asking to speak with Chaor, Phelphor attempted to trick Chaor into opening the Doors of the Deepmines by lying, claiming that the M'arrillians had stolen the Cothica from the other Tribes. When met with disbelief, Phelphor brainwashed Khybon into contacting Lord Van Bloot, informing him of what lay beyond the Doors of the Deepmines. Phelphor then tried to brainwash Chaor, and failed, only to brainwash UnderWorld Guards into attacking their leader to cover his escape. Phelphor then proceeded to brainwash Nauthilax, Tartarek, Vinta, and Junda into opening the Doors of the Deepmines and freeing the M'arrillians. Phelphor continued to serve as the invasion carried on, helping Lord Van Bloot invade and conquer UnderWorld City, while also taking part in the Battle of Kiru City, where the Tribal Alliance made its last stand. When Aa'une was destroyed at Lake Blakeer, Phelphor retreated with the rest of his Tribe and managed to survive. Following the raising of Kaizeph, Phelphor and the M'arrillians sought to make a claim on the Water Quadrant, with Phelphor infiltrating The Garden in order to spy on Velreth and Antidaeon. Later, Phelphor would be brutally defeated by Maxxor and the OverWorlders, alongside many of his Tribemates.
  • Aer'dak - Part of the second wave of the M'arrillian invasion, Aer'dak was sent to the UnderWorld to aid Milla'iin through by empowering Mik'bannin during Milla'iin's attack on the Cordac Falls Plungepool. She would later be attacked by Magmon when he retaliated for what Milla'iin had done to the Lava Pond, only for Magmon to become brainwashed himself. Her ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Fla'gamp - Part of the second wave of the Marrillian invasion, Fla'gamp was sent to Mount Pillar to aid Neth'uar through empowering Rol'doi. Thus, Fla'gamp was likely present for Ekuud's retaliatory attempt to reclaim the Mount Pillar Reservoir, as well as Kepiaan's endless droves of Danians who sought to bring down Rol'doi once and for all. As Well, Fla'gamp was likely present after Aa'une was struck down at Lake Blakeer and many M'arrillians retreated to the Reservoir with countless Danians in pursuit. His ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Nunk'worn - Part of the second wave of the M'arrillian invasion, Nunk'worn was sent to Mount Pillar to aid Neth'uar through empowering Rol'doi. Thus, Nunk'worn was likely present for Ekuud's retaliatory attempt to reclaim the Mount Pillar Reservoir, as well as Kepiaan's endless droves of Danians who sought to bring down Rol'doi once and for all. Nunk'worn was present after Aa'une was struck down at Lake Blakeer and many M'arrillians retreated to the Reservoir with countless Danians in pursuit. During the battle that ensued, Nunk'worn was infected with a Danian Parasite, thus becoming a Danian himself.
  • Dror'niq - Part of the second wave of the M'arrillian invasion. Dror'niq survived the M'arrillian defeat at the hands of the Tribal Alliance, and was part of the band of M'arrillians intent on taking claim of the water quadrant of Kaizeph, however he and his comrades were defeated by Maxxor.
  • Ri'oha - Part of the second wave of the M'arrillian invasion. Ri'oha survived the M'arrillian defeat at the hands of the Tribal Alliance and retreated back behind the Doors of the Deepmines. Later, when Lord Van Bloot sought refuge with the M'arrillians, he would be forced to shovel coal to fuel the fire for Ri'oha's transmuting bath.
  • Anger'keem - Part of the second wave of the M'arrillian invasion. His ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Lam'inkal - Part of the second wave of the M'arrillian invasion. His ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Mock'adyn - Part of the second wave of the M'arrillian invasion. Following Aa'une's destruction at Lake Blakeer, Mock'adyn sought to succeed him as Oligarch, and often battled other M'arrillians who also wanted to do just that. One occasion in particular saw Mock'adyn battle Fal'makin behind the Doors of the Deepmines, though it is unclear if Mock'adyn survived this encounter.
  • Siril'ean Part of the second wave of the M'arrillian invasion, previously in exile, Aa'une grew to value Siril'ean's ability to silence Mugic, and thus invited him back to the M'arrillians for the invasion. His ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Part'soa - Part of the third wave of the M'arrillian invasion. His ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Vix'ben - Part of the third wave of the M'arrillian invasion. Vix'ben was sent to aid Ihun'kalin in the Mipedim desert because of his ability to negate Mugic. His ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Ab'lop - Part of the final wave of the M'arrillian invasion. Stationed within the Mipedim Desert toward the end of the war, where he befriends Saand and defects from the M'arrillians. Later aids in transporting PeytonicMaster within Kaizeph.
  • Em'swa - Part of the final wave of the M'arrillian invasion. Ultimate fate unknown.
  • Thar'lyn - Part of the final wave of the M'arrillian invasion. Retreated behind the Doors of the Deepmines following Aa'une's destruction. Oversaw Lord Van Bloot's work for the M'arrillians. Mind eventually probed by Fal'makin and brought into the Azaia in order to spy on other M'arrillians.
  • Tir'baleen - Part of the final wave of the M'arrillian invasion. Sent to aid the M'arrillians at Mount Pillar. Survived the Battle of the Mount Pillar Reservoir following Aa'une's destruction. Tir'baleen was among the M'arrillians who attempted to make claim on the Water Quadrant of Kaizeph, only to be brutally defeated by Maxxor.


  • Rol'doi - Part of the second wave of M'arrillians released from behind the Doors of the Deepmines. Rol'doi was brought to the Mount Pillar Reservoir alongside Fla'gamp and Nunk'worn, who empowered the mighty Kha'rall, making him nearly unstoppable in fighting back the Danians, particularly during Ekuud's and Kepiaan's attempts to reclaim the Reservoir for the Danians. However, as Kepiaan was willing to sacrifice as many Danians as it took, Rol'doi was eventually taken down by Kepiaan's forces.
  • Vitar'zu - Part of the second wave of M'arrillians released from behind the Doors of the Deepmines. Vitar'zu was initially sent to the Mipidem Desert to aid Ihun'kalin against the Mipedians, however he would eventually find himself relocated to the Storm Tunnel to aid Ki'bro instead later on in the war. After Aa'une was eliminated at Lake Blakeer, Vitar'zu was likely present at the Battle of the Storm Tunnel, where Ki'bro fell, and thus his ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Ikub'ra - Part of the second wave of M'arrillians released from behind the Doors of the Deepmines. Ikub'ra was sent to the Riverlands, where his undying hatred for the OverWorlders surprised even the likes of Chaor. Ikub'ra was likely present during the Battle of the Riverlands following Aa'une's destruction, where Erak'tabb fell to the Tribal Alliance. His ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Mik'banin - Part of the second wave of M'arrillians released from behind the Doors of the Deepmines. Mik'banin was sent to aid Milla'iin in the UnderWorld alongside Aer'dak, who empowered him Mugically. Together, the M'arrillians then besieged Cordac Falls Plungepool, where Mik'banin likely remained when Milla'iin and Aa'une plotted to draw Chaor away from UnderWorld City by building a trench toward Fear Valley, and thus through the Marsh of Murk, thus providing Chaor an opportunity to strike back. Mik'banin later rejoined Milla'iin in the OverWorld after Aa'une reached his Avatar state at Lake Blakeer, meeting what remained of the Tribal Alliance at the entrance to the city and signalling for the brainwashed members to come to the M'arrillians' side in battle. Once Aa'une fell, Mik'banin retreated alongside his Tribemates, though it is unclear what his fate was.
  • Bahrakatan - "The Coralsmith", Baharakatan creates most of the M'arrillian BattleGear, but most importantly he crafts the Kha'rall Shards used by his fellow Kha'rall fighters.
  • Dreg'ora - Part of the third wave of M'arrillians released from behind the Doors of the Deepmines. Sent to aid Neth'uar at Mount Pillar, Dreg'ora was present when Ekuud led the Danians in an assault on Neth'uar's foothold, and was likely present for Kepiaan's constant barrage against the Kha'rall of the Mount Pillar Reservoir, as well as the final Battle of the Mount Pillar Reservoir, where many M'arrillians fell. However, Dreg'ora's ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Blak'drin - Part of the final wave of M'arrillian Invasion. Ultimate fate unknown.
  • Son'las - Part of the final wave of the M'arrillian Invasion. Sent to the Mipedim Desert to aid Ihun'kalin. Following Aa'une's destruction at Lake Blakeer, Son'las and his fellow M'arrillians maintained control of Rao'pa Sahk. Son'las was later a part of the M'arrillians who attempted to lay claim to the Water Quadrant of Kaizeph, only to be brutally defeated by Maxxor in the process.
  • Klik'ssi - Part of the final wave of the M'arrillian Invasion. Sent to the Mipedim Desert to aid Ihun'kalin. Following Aa'une's destruction at Lake Blakeer, Klik'ssi and his fellow M'arrillians maintained control of Rao'pa Sahkk, unlike Erak'tabb, Neth'uar, and Ki'bro's control over the Riverlands, Mount Pillar Reservoir, and Storm Tunnel respectively.
  • Ast'imal - Part of the final wave of the M'arrillian invasion, Ast'imal is a Kha'rall Fighter under Mock'adyn's control, often utilized as an enforcer during interrogations. Survived the Tribal Alliance's retaliation following the destruction of Aa'une at Lake Blakeer.
  • Bo'aam - Part of the final wave of M'arrillian invasion. Ultimate fate unknown.
  • Gan'nim - Part of the final wave of M'arrillian invasion. Ultimate fate unknown.
  • Ginar'rash - "The Extinguisher", part of the final wave of M'arrillian invasion. Survived the Tribal Alliance's retaliation following the destruction of Aa'une at Lake Blakeer.

Past M'arrillians


  • A group called the "AZAIA" is occasionally mentioned in M'arillian cards (AZAIA Mindprobe/Mindscrying Chamber, Fal'makin, AZAIA Inquisitor and Thar'lyn, AZAIA Spy). What their purpose and what they hope to achieve remains unknown.
    • The flavor of AZAIA-related cards revolves around interrogation (via mind-reading) and espionage, implying that AZAIA is the M'arrillian intelligence agency.
  • Thus far, the only M'arrillians confirmed to have survived the Tribal Alliance's retaliation include Milla'iin, Ihun'kalin, Rath'tab, Fal'makin, Nis'dabba, Mock'adyn, Dror'niq, Ri'oha, Tir'baleen, Phelphor, Nunk'worn, Thar'lyn, Klik'ssi, Son'las, Ast'imal, Ginar'rash, Dheghan and Aah'terai.
    • Nunk'worn, while surviving, was assimilated into the Danian Tribe.
    • Rath'tab was obliterated by Arctus sometime after the raising of Kaizeph.
  • Conversely Aa'une is the only confirmed eliminated M'arrillian.
    • It is unconfirmed whether or not Erak'tabb or Ki'bro survived, however both M'arrillians lost their footholds and Erak'tabb specifically was considered a failure by Ihun'kalin.
  • Prior to Alliances Unraveled, all M'arrillian Creatures had Chieftain, Fluidmorpher, or Kha'rall as a subtype.

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