Hotekk's Challenge is a two-part Chaotic: Secrets of the Lost City episode.

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Tom is cornered by all of Hotekk's coded Creatures. Hottek explains that when Og, Hotekk's last creature is coded, he can bring back any of the coded creatures. Tom as Owis runs away. Peyton, Sarah, and Kaz want Tom to win. Owis codes one creature, buts keeps running. All of Hottek's creatures only have 5 energy when they are revived. If Tom stopped to code another creature, the others would code him! So Tom comes up with a plan. He keeps using flash kicks. When he is at 10 energy, he gets a safe distance, uses hymn of the elements mugic, and grants him earth attack usage. He uses terraport, and changes the location to Cordacfalls plungepool. All of Hotekk's creatures then bite the dust.


Featured BattleDrome Match: MajorTom vs. CodeMaster Hotekk (6v6)

Continued from previous episode.

Turn 11: Tom's attack (1 vs 5)

All of Hotekk's Creatures converge on Owis and attack at once, depleting Owis's Energy, as Hotekk explains that Og revived all of his other defeated Creatures when defeated. Another volley of attacks sends Owis flying (Owis's Energy = 25). After recovering, Owis counter-attacks with a Steam Rage attack, destroying Xulvux and creating a large cloud of steam which he uses to escape. Hotekk's Creatures give chase, firing attacks at Owis. Tom is forced to continue fleeing even though a single attack would defeat one of Hotekk's Creatures, as slowing down would cause them to defeat him in return. Ixxik then lands a Spirit Gust attack that knocks Owis off his feet (Owis's Energy = 15), though he is able to get up in time to escape the ensuing Power Pulse from Kkraa, and the pursuit continues. Owis begins launching Flash Kicks at objects in front of him to cycle through Tom's Location deck, putting Glacier Plains, Gloomuck Swamp, and finally Cordac Falls Plungepool on top. He is then struck by an attack from Ixxik, taking his Energy down to 10. At this point, Owis casts Hymn of the Elements to gain Earth, then uses Terraport to change the Active Location to Cordac Falls Plungepool. Plungepool's ability then activates, dealing 5 damage to all Engaged Creatures and thus destroying all of Hotekk's remaining Creatures.

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