"There’s no shame in losing a fight. There’s only shame in losing your life."
―Headmaster Ankhyja, Song of Translocation flavor text


Ankhyja is a bright orange Mipedian with long hair. He wears red pants with a green loin cloth and gray belt, a large black belt over his shoulder, and green wristbands.

Background Information

Headmaster Ankhyja is famed throughout Perim as one of the most skilled, deadly, and inspiring melee fighters. He leads the academy with a stern hand and, although he is by no means a young Mipedian, he still teaches several classes himself. Headmaster Ankhyja's philosophy is that a figher should be honorable, wise, and above all, disciplined - three notions that far outweigh the illusive idea of "talent."[1]


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies.


Iflar the Crown Prince


Other tribes.

Card Details

Basic Stats

Headmaster Ankhyja

Stat Courage Courage: 55 
(45 – 65)
Stat Power Power: 75 
(65 – 85)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom: 45 
(35 – 55)
Stat Speed Speed: 100 
(90 – 110)
 Energy: 65 
(60 – 70)

Seeker of the Art

Stat Courage Courage: 50 
(40 – 60)
Stat Power Power: 40 
(30 – 50)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom: 35 
(25 – 45)
Stat Speed Speed: 100 
(90 – 110)
 Energy: 45 
(40 – 50)


Headmaster Ankhyja

Invisibility: Strike 15

Invisibility abilities can't be negated. If you lost Initiative, your engaged Creature gains "Strike 10." Unique, Loyal

Seeker of the Art

Your other creatures with Air cannot be targeted by Mugic or Abilities.
"For those of us who hide in plain sight, being sheltered by thin air is neither strange nor unreal."


The original Headmaster Ankhyja is perfect for an Invisibility Strike Deck, as he makes sure your invisibility cannot fail and even gives your creatures an additional Strike 10 if they lose the initiative. for this reason, keep Ankhyja in the middle as to make sure your invisibility will not be compromised. in the back row, have Headmaster Anhkyja, Seeker of the Art, as this will ensure that the original's ability cannot be subjugated by mugic or abilities. Finally, giving the original Headmaster the Indigo Ax can be very useful as that ensures that his first attack cannot be negated, and with his Strike 15 that is sure to deal some heavy damage. Giving the Seeker of the Art a Mipedian Balladeer's Flute will let him cast mugic like Fanfare of the Vanishing so that he can deal extra damage.


Notes and References

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