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Kaz is invited to a mystery match, where he doesn't know who he will be fighting. He's shocked to discover that Tom is his next opponent. As the fight goes on Kaz begins to think that Tom is cheating and stops the match. After Kaz issues the accusation, Codemaster Imthor appears and reviews Tom's cards. After reviewing his cards, Imthor temporarily suspends Tom from matches pending a full investigation and that will result in Tom being permanently banned from Chaotic. Tom later reveals to Sarah, Peyton and Kaz that he was cheating and transports to Perim to hide from any future banishment, but not before ending his friendship with Kaz.


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When Imthor used his card to check Tom's Overwold mugics, Song of Embernova was among them. Song of Embernova is a generic mugic.

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