Dranakis Threshold is an Overworld location.

Local Features

This Location is one of the most difficult to reach in all of Perim. The path to Dranakis Threshold is made of large, floating boulders, held up by an unknown force. The Warriors who have come here found they were unable to use Mugic or certain abilities.

Background Information

Dranakis Threshold hovers high in the clouds above the OverWorld lands, not far from Ravanaugh Ridge (the only location from which it is accessible). Named after the famous OverWorld diplomat Dranakis, a co-signer of the Peace Treaty of Morn, this Location offers sanctuary against Mugic and Mugical abilities. Inside the Threshold, Masters of the Four Disciplines are memorialized by symbols etched into the stone portals of the Threshold. Each is a tribute to those Creatures whose skill set is pure and un-Mugical. What else lies inside the Threshold is largely a mystery. Some of Perim’s bravest, strongest, wisest and fastest Creatures journey here from time to time to fulfill an unkown ritual, but the true purpose (if indeed there is any) of their clandestine visits remains a mystery. There are secrets here, waiting to be discovered the time-tested way: through patience, knowledge, strength, courage, agility, creativity and will. The Threshold was destroyed during the battle with Lord Van Bloot and his forces.

Card Text

Initiative: Stat Courage Courage

No Mugic or abilities may be played.

The few who have survived utter nary a word of what lies beyond.


Some of Perim’s greatest Warriors travel to Dranakis Threshold, hoping to prove their combat skills or recieve enlightenment.

Basic Stats

Card ID 123
Card Type Location


Super Rare (it is stated in the TV show that is is a common card)
Location Initative Courage


In the Show

Card Owners

It is stated in the episode Hotekk's Challenge Part II that most players have this card.


  • Episode 5 season 3


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