Danian Sigil

The Danian Tribe is a race of insect-like Creatures, dwelling in remote regions of the UnderWorld in Perim. They dwell within a strict social hierarchy, wherein a single Queen leads her colony with absolute sway, with the newly crowned Aszil, the Young Queen, presently overseeing the maintenance of the colony at Mount Pillar.

Danian Society


The Current and Former Danian Queen

Following a matriarchal archetype, the Danians have always been led by a single Queen, who chooses a single male consort from among the Danian Nobles, through whom all Danians among the Hive may trace their parentage. [1] As a result, the female offspring of the Queen are nurtured to one day overtake their mother's position as Queen, whilst the male drones serve the Queen in a hierarchical military structure. The Queen bears dominion over the entirety of the Danian hive-mind, and thus, during the first M'arrillian invasion more than 2000 solons ago, the M'arrillians managed to procure a position of power by brainwashing Queen Ibicara, thus effectively rendering the entirety of the Danian Tribe under M'arrillian control.

Most Danians operate within a defined class system, with the Mandiblors making up the vast majority and therefore operating within the lowest class - often time acting as guards, workers, and foot soldiers. The Mandiblors are overseen by their respective Squadleaders, who were once Mandiblors themselves and who must remain vigilant in order to ensure that they are not usurped by another Mandiblor. Above the Squadleaders, acting as unit leaders, are the Danian Battlemasters.

Danians operating outside of this system typically bear some level of Mugical Talent, falling into the category of either Muge, Elementalist - who specialize in the study of Elemental Power, most commonly Earth - Controller - who specialize in Infection, which is a method of assimilating new Creatures into the Danian Hive via the use of Parasites - or Spirit Caller - who specialize in a form of necromancy. Lore oversees the teaching of the Mugical arts as the acting High Muge of the Hive.

While the Danians do vy for the Cothica against all other Tribes, they bear a particularly malicious relationship with the Mipedians. This is because, when the Danians were first building Mount Pillar, they drew water from the Jungle of Life, which fell within Mipedian territory at the time, for the Mount Pillar Reservoir. This ultimately led to the Jungle of Life being largely reduced to a barren desert by the Danians, with what remained of the now Forest of Life being overtaken by the OverWorlders. As well, the legendary High Muge of the Desert, Khilai, once assumed that the shared food source between the two Tribes is the source of the hatred between the two Tribes.

Danian Mandiblors

The lowest rank in Danian Society, Mandiblors get the most menial tasks. From the drudgery of maintaining Mount Pillar and its Reservoir, to any and all tasks of the lowly foot soldier. Mandiblors strength is in their numbers and almost any Danian army is going to have a large amount of them. Queen Illexia's guard is made up of an elite type of winged flying mandiblor.


Typically Mandiblors are of red coloration, with green or gold markings typical. They all have the same body structure being quadrupedal and two manipulative arms, largely ant-like in appearance. Flying mandiblors typically have translucent blue wings.


Many of the "Hive" abilities that the units of a Danian army will have are dependent upon the numbers of mandiblors in the army. Consequently this makes Danian armies stronger the larger they are and makes them tougher opponents in 6 vs 6 matches or more. To make the Hive contribution significant the army will need 3 or 4 mandiblors.

Danian Squadleaders

Squadleaders command small units of mandiblors and are drawn from their ranks. Mandiblors showing promise of leadership abilities may be promoted. They are typically given one or more squads to command in battle.


Because they are drawn from the ranks, most Squadleaders are similar in appearance to the Mandiblors they lead. This may make it difficult to specifically target them.


Typically a Squadleader will have the ability to activate Hive, usually by the use of Mugic. They do not count as mandiblors though, so you'll usually limit your army to one which you can protect in your second line in a 6 vs 6 match.

Danian Battlemasters

Danians with an special aptitude for strategy may be placed above their brethren to the rank of Battlemaster. When a Mandiblor is born it may be marked as such. They usually have the ability to enhance the mandiblors under their command. Wamma was the first mandiblor to be promoted to battlemaster but was demoted back to mandiblor shortly after for helping Sarah get a scan (Much to his Joy).


Battlemasters appear different than Mandiblors despite coming from the same stock. Often their color sets them apart and they will usually take to walking bipedal, leaving four limbs for manipulation. (See Odu-Bathax)


Battlemasters usually have abilities to enhance the Mandiblors under their command or sometimes bring them back from the dead (otherwise known as the discard pile). Combatively, they are usually weak, so should be protected in the back rows.

Danian Nobles

The next rank up in Danian society generally lead large units of Danian forces into battle. Nobles are far more independent than their brethren in the lower ranks and display a wider range of personality. As such they inspire fear both into their enemies and the Danians they command. The nobles are generally subordinate only to the Queen, but vie amongst themselves for personal power.


Danian Nobles are notable for their gray to black bodies with greater protection than Mandiblors, with red and black marked limbs. They are also marked by their green mandibles and more ferocious faces. Nobles also have an extra set of limbs than the lower ranks of Danians walking on four legs, with four manipulative arms. Some may also have wings similar to the winged Mandiblors.


A Danian Noble will usually be a Danian army's "killer unit" when hive is activated they can be unusually tough, if they're backed up by enough Mandiblors. You'll usually want to place this unit front and center.

Danian Controllers, Muges, Warriors and Elementalists

Any of the ranks whom show especial aptitude in a particular area may be taken aside to be trained further. They may come from any stock, and usually retain their base designation. In combat they may be attached to units of Danians to provide support, or have very specific functions. For example Odu-Bathax's prime job is guarding the North gate to mount pillar.

Danian Territory

The Danian Tribe primarily calls Mount Pillar its home. The reason for which the Danians have been allowed to exist in the UnderWorld is in fact due to the fact that Mount Pillar is one of the supporting structures that keep the cieling of the UnderWorld in tact - alongside Jagged Pillar, Steam Pillar, Castle Pillar, Iron Pillar, Ice Pillar, Jade Pillar, Stone Pillar, and Wooden Pillar, all of which fall under UnderWorld control.

Leading from Mount Pillar is Zizzok Tunnel, normally heavily patrolled, Zizzok Tunnel was utilized during the Perithon. Another entry point to Mount Pillar includes the North Gate, which Odu-Bathax guards religiously for the sake of the Queen. The Queen herself is protected in the throne room, just beyond the Queen's Gate, atop the central column of Mount Pillar. Further up is Oipont's Lookout, which acts as an access point to Mipedian territory, while also allowing the Danians to view the entirety of the UnderWorld from said perch. Oipont's Lookout is heavily guarded by officers, such as Ghundac.

Further halls dedicated to Infection and Spirit Calling, including The Infectorium and Hive Gallery, surround the central column, while a higher office was previously provided to accommodate Raznus, the OverWorld Ambassador to the Danians - however since his assimilation it is unknown what purpose this chamber serves at present. Finally, Lore's Chamber of Recall exists to cleanse the mind and regain energy for the High Muge.

During the M'arrillian Invasion, Illexia saw to the excavation of another home for the Danians, the Nest of the Ancestors - which she and a collection of Danians then relocated to following her abdication of the throne. However, as this location was in previously unoccupied UnderWorld territory, when Chaor discovers the Danians encroaching on UnderWorld territory, he sends a battalion of UnderWorlders to combat the Danian threat.

List of Danians


  • Aszil - Newly coronated Queen of the Danians, she allowed her mother to take a collection of Danians to the newly established Nest of the Ancestors in order to pursue the study of Spirit-Calling and Infection, whilst Mount Pillar would focus on the Elements. Thus, when Kaizeph, Citadel of the Elements, was raised from the depths of Lake Ken-I-Po, Aszil sought to unlock the Tremor Gate. Lord Van Bloot approached Aszil, offering his aid in opening the Tremor Gate in exchange for access to the Earth Quadrant of Kaizeph, which Aszil accepted - knowing well of Van Bloot's treachery, having her own plans in mind for Lord Van Bloot.
  • Illexia - Former Queen of the Danians, newly appointed Elder of the Nest. Illexia was once the threat of a kidnapping by Kolmo via Flux Bauble under Prince Mudeenu's order, knowing that Danian society would crumble without their Queen. When Kolmo failed in his task, he was Infected with a Danian Parasite under Illexia's orders as retribution. Illexia also had Raznus, the OverWorld Ambassador to the Danians, Infected under the guise of peace among their Tribes in an attempt to assassinate Maxxor within his own palace. Later, when Neth'uar led the M'arrillians in setting up a foothold within the Mount Pillar Reservoir, the Tribe's water supply, Illexia was faced with no other option but to send the Danians out to search for a new home, unintentionally leading to a treaty of temporary peace between the OverWorld and Danians in order to combat the M'arrillians - beginning what would become the Tribal Alliance. At the same time, Illexia saw to the excavation of the Nest of the Ancestors in secret. Illexia then became trapped within Mount Pillar at the height of the M'arrillian invasion, under siege led by the likes of Xis'torq, while Neth'uar continued to maintain hold of the Mount Pillar Reservoir. After the defeat of Aa'une, Illexia would abdicate the throne to her daughter, Aszil. Under her daughter's leadership, Illexia becomes Elder of the Nest and leads a troupe of Danian Muges, Controllers, and Spirit Callers to the Nest of the Ancestors, who then moult using the Apolyxic Coat in order to become one with the Nest of the Ancestors.
  • Tassanil - A Noble Elementalist, Tassanil excels with the Water Element - so much so that Illeixia appointed him to be High Reservoir Keeper, charged with protecting and maintaining the Mount Pillar Reservoir. In wake of Neth'uar's take over of the Mount Pillar Reservoir, and the repeated failures to liberate Mount Pillar, Tassanil was among those who fled to Kiru City, joining the Tribal Alliance alongside Bierk, Aimukk, and Faash. Although Tassanil had difficulty working alongside the OverWorlders and Mipedians at first, after being hypnotized by Lystone he comes to see what is at stake. Tassanil later led a secret assault on the M'arrillians who were approaching Kiru City for the Tribal Alliance's last stand, tunnelling under Phelphor and his troops in order to attack them from behind. As a result, Tassanil evaded the brainwashing blast that struck Kiru City when Aa'une entered his Avatar state at Lake Blakeer, but was thereby forced to fight his comrades. Eventually, Tassanil alongside the remaining members of the Tribal Alliance were brainwashed, leaving only Takinom. Fortunately, before Takinom could be destroyed Aa'une was destroyed, freeing Tassanil from his control. Tassanil later came to master all of the Elements and would remain by Aszil's side when many of his fellow Danians were called to aid Illexia, helping her to have presence within Kaizeph after it had been returned to its former glory.
  • Gorram - Much like Tassanil, Gorram acted as an Elementalist, capable of drawing from his fallen comrades to manipulate certain Elements. During the M'arrillian invasion, Gorram acted as the Danian General, plotting the downfall of the M'arrillians alongside the Generals of the Tribal Alliance. He promoted Kepiaan to act as his lieutenant and the two lead a brigade of Tribal Alliance forces into the battle for Illexia in order to save her from being claimed by the M'arrillians when Xis'torq's forces cornered her within Mount Pillar. [citation needed]
  • Ekuud - Though he instills fear upon his underlings, Ekuud is known to highly value the Mandiblors beneath him. When the Mount Pillar Reservoir was threatened by the M'arrillians, Ekuud led a strike force of Mandiblors to battle with the Kha'rall within the Foothold Assault Trench, though their efforts did not prove successful and they were forced to retreat. After the M'arrillians were pushed back indefinitely, the time came for Illexia and her band of Danians to excavate a new hive for the Danians. Ekuud was one of many to travel alongside them, taking part in the moult the Elder of the Nest ordered in order to differentiate themselves from the Danians of Mount Pillar.[citation needed]
  • Valanii Levaan - Twin brother of Ekuud, Valanii Levaan possesses a much more aggressive approach than that of his brother, and was known to execute Squadleaders when they failed to follow through with their orders.
  • Nimmei - A young Noble, Nimmei was among the Danians who left Mount Pillar with Illexia, tasked with overseeing the excavation of the Nest of the Ancestors. As a result of this, Nimmei took part in the molt ordered by Illexia in order to join with the Nest of the Ancestors and Mount Pillar, therefore taking on a new appearance.
  • Tharc - A Noble Muge, Tharc was sent alongside Ghundac into Mipedian territory, as part of a limited agreed return of the Tribal Alliance, so as to decipher the Cothica Tablets found within the recently discovered City of Kehn-Sep, which held the knowledge of the fate of Kaizeph.
  • Necrabe - Wise to many subjects of Danian heritage, Necrabe understood aspects of both Danian Infection and Spirit Calling, capable of drawing Mugicians from the dead.
  • Khritlaan - As a Spirit Caller, Khritlaan was capable of calling on even those who were no longer among the living as support for the Hive. When Illexia organized a small group of Danians to seek out a new hive for the Danians north-east of Mount Pillar, Khritlaan was among them, travelling with her in order to focus on Spirit Calling at the Nest of the Ancestors.
  • Ramarhvir - Another Spirit Caller, Ramarhvir was capable of not only taking Mugicians from others through use of the Hive, but also using said Mugicians to resurrect long dead Danians.
  • Dhilas - A Muge whose powers were focussed moreso on healing.


  • Lore - Spirit Leader of the Danians, many believed that Lore would lead the Danians to the Cothica. In his youth, Lore led legions of Mandiblors and their squad leaders - but has since become the wisest among the Danian Tribe, with a knowledge of Mugic which rivals even the likes of Najarin. Lore was among the Danians who fled Mount Pillar during the M'arrillian invasion, and thus was present among the council of the Tribal Alliance in the Kiru City Library when Aa'une's psionic blast struck; resulting in Lore being brainwashed to fight his allies in the Battle of Kiru City. Fortunately, following Maxxor, Chaor, and Iparu's defeat of Aa'une at Lake Blakeer, Lore was freed from M'arrillian control. Later, when Lord Van Bloot took command of the Shadow Warriors and besieged Mount Pillar, Lore was captured by Shadow-Wamma, only to ultimately rescued by the likes of MajorTom. In thanks, Lore gave MajorTom his fragment of the Mugic intended to destroy the Shadow Device, which he had been protecting. With knowledge from the Cothica Tablets stating that Kaizeph, City of Elements lay dormant beneath the waters of Lake Ken-I-Po, Lore met with the other High Muges in order to discuss the matter at length. Ultimately, the High Muges decided to raise Kaizeph to its former glory, and so Lore set out aboard the Ezoa with Najarin, Enre-Hep, Kopond, and Arrthoa, taking part in a ritual involving an hour of constant Mugical singing, in order to do so. Afterwards, the High Muges came into contact with the Servants of the Elements, and Nom - Servant of Earth - elected to guide Lore and the Danians while exploring Kaizeph. When Illexia stepped down in order to pursue a secondary nest, the Nest of the Ancestors, Lore and almost all of his students joined her, intent on focussing on Spirit Calling and Infection, undergoing a moult via the Apolyxic Coat which bound him to the Nest of the Ancestors.
  • Khavakk - Unlike many of his fellow Muges, Khavakk was more than capable of directly dispensing damage, choosing to do so through the sacrifice of Mugicians. As such, Khavakk has a rather low opinion of those who rely on their brute strength to injure foes.
  • Gareep - Like many Spirit Callers, Gareep was fond of drawing Mugicians from Creatures who had fallen, though he could only do so upon their initial death, should a Creature be revived and fall once again, Gareep's abilities would have no effect.
  • Orbaat - A Danian Spirit Caller capable of controlling the active location of battle from beyond the grave, Orbaat kept tabs on Kaizeph after the City of Elements was raised, as it often drifted overtop of Perim's vast landscape.
  • Ambolx - A Danian Muge who'd had his eye on the project to the northwest of Mount Pillar, however when Kaizeph was raised from Lake Ken-I-Po, he was relocated to the Citadel Grounds.
  • Mahrrant - Utilizes Danian Parasites to Infect those who are from other Tribes. If one of these newly Infected Danians should fall however, Mahrrant is able draw a Mugician from their lifeless body, a trait common among Spirit Callers.
  • Glapaal - A member of the Tribal Alliance during the final wave of the M'arrillian invasion, Glapaal was known to have battled Rath'tab alongside Xield - though Wamma considered him a fool for being so eager to rush into battle.
  • Riggan - One of the Danians who remained at Mount Pillar when Aszil became Queen, Riggan was sent to the Citadel Grounds after Kaizeph was restored, where Aszil and Lord Van Bloot unlocked the Tremor Gate, with Riggan being the first Danian through.
  • Elna - A Spirit Caller, Elna is capable of activating the Hive with his own demise, believing that the living and the dead are all connected to one another through the Cothica.
  • Hota - A Mandiblor who was found to have keen Mugical abilities resting within him, Hota came to master the Element of Fire, a feat that was uncommon among Danians.
  • Topar - One of many Mandiblor Muges, Topar was also a Danian Infectionist, capable of Infecting and Uninfecting Creatures on a whim in order to negate the powers of Mugic.
  • Lobanne - A powerful Muge against Elementalists, Lobanne is capable of utilizing Mugic to strengthen himself against those who bear fruit from Elemental attacks.


  • Skartalas - A Danian with an ongoing personal feud with Lord Van Bloot, it is rumored that this is a ploy to cover up their secret alliance. Following the M'arrillian invasion, Skartalas was ordered to Infect the Perithon racers with Danian Parasites in order to ensure that whoever won the Perithon would be a Danian, though he was unprepared and ultimately failed in his mission.
  • Makrabon - Skilled in the art of Infection, Makrabon is able to Infect other Creatures every time he gains a Mugician.
  • Yondaf - As one of the Danians who traveled with Illexia to excavate the Hive of the Ancestors, Yondaf underwent a moult in order to differentiate himself from the Danians of Mount Pillar. Unique among the Controllers, Yondaf's abilities instead allow him to inflict damage based on the amount of Creatures he Infects.
  • Dubin - While Dubin is unaware of the method in which Danian Parasites change other Creatures into Danians, he is unfazed, instead focussing on the successful results they yield and gaining Energy from the Infected Creatures he battles.


  • Odu-Bathax - Defender of the North Gate of Mount Pillar, Odu-Bathax spends much of his free time using the Mandiblors beneath him for target practice. When Queen Illexia set up a plot to attempt to assassinate Maxxor within his own palace by Infecting Raznus with a Danian Parasite, all under the guise of peace between the Danians and the OverWorlders, Odu-Bathax takes a brigade of Danians to shadow him in order to ensure that he makes it to his destination. Odu Bathax then watched the events unfold from just outside of Kiru City, guiding Raznus back to Mount Pillar when the assassination attempt doesn't go as planned. Later, after Neth'uar and the M'arrillians had tainted the Danian water supply within the Mount Pillar Reservoir, Queen Illexia had no choice but to send Odu-Bathax, Raznus, and Hiadrom out to seek a new home for the Danian Tribe. Odu-Bathax unknowingly leads the Danians to tunnel beneath the OverWorld Arsenal, where they are discovered by the OverWorlders and attacked. Odu-Bathax takes this opportunity to attempt to steal OverWorld BattleGear, but fortunately for him, Raznus eventually convinces the OverWorlders that their intentions had not initially been so malicious, leading to a temporary truce between the Danians and the OverWorlders. Odu-Bathax then oversees training of the Tribal Alliance alongside Tangath Toborn and is forced to intervene when the Mipedians attack their squabbling troops in order to prove their usefulness to the Tribal Alliance. From here, Odu-Bathax, Tangath Toborn, and Prince Mudeenu struggle to show their soldiers that they need to work together - but the crisis is averted when Lystone, being controlled by the M'arrillians, attempts to draw the troops toward their doom and unintentionally showing the Tribal Alliance the value of working together. Odu-Bathax is later brainwashed by Aa'une when he enters his avatar form at Lake Blakeer, fighting alongside the M'arrillians during the Battle of Kiru City. When Aa'une is defeated and the M'arrillians retreat back to their footholds, Odu-Bathax is freed from his mind controlled state and makes for Mount Pillar, joining Gorram and Kepiaan in the end part of the Battle for the Queen, where he tears Neth'uar apart, liberating the Danian water supply. [citation needed] Odu-Bathax later attends the Perithon to represent the Danians, ordering Skartalas to attempt to Infect the racers to ensure that the winner of the Perithon was a Danian, though this tactic fails and is later attributed to the Danians' disqualification.
  • Kepiaan - Promoted to Lieutenant by Gorram, Kepiaan took part in the Battle for Illexia, where he was sent alongside a battalion of Danians to save Illexia. Kepiaan would direct the assault against Rol'doi, and while many Danian lives were lost in the process, he was ultimately successful in destroying the Kha'rall fighter. Once Aa'une had been eliminated, Neth'uar and his forces retreated to Mount Pillar's Reservoir, where Kepiaan and Gorram would be joined by Odu-Bathax's forces. Kepiaan would then lead the assault against the remaining Fluidmorphers, his forces succeeding in Infecting Nunk'worn in the process. [citation needed]
  • Masilbaat - One of few Battlemasters to have not been brainwashed, Masilbaat joined the Tribal Alliance and commonly fought alongside UnderWorlders, allowing him to gain Energy from attacking Creatures' Mugic and abilities which would otherwise lower it.
  • Mallash - Known for his tendancy to attack first and ask questions later, Mallash is a rather irresponsible Battlemaster, though he claims it to be within the interest of self-preservation, suggesting a paranoid nature.
  • Kebna - A Battlemaster whose apparent "acts of courage" border on the insane.
  • Kannen - Dedicated to the very end, Kannen is a Battlemaster willing to sacrifice it all for the good of his Tribe, and as a Spirit Caller, he can revive a fallen Mandiblor for just that price.
  • Ulmquad - One of many Danians to have been brainwashed during the first wave of the M'arrillian invasion, having been present at the Mount Pillar Reservoir when Neth'uar arrived to claim it as his foothold, Ulmquad's abilities allow him to sacrifice a Mugician in order to leech energy off of another.
  • Mivindal - One of many Danians to have been brainwashed during the first wave of the M'arrillian invasion, having been caught at the Mount Pillar Reservoir when Neth'uar arrived to claim it as his foothold. As a Spirit Caller, Mivindal is able to resurrect the dead at the cost of his own life, a trait which the M'arrillians of Mount Pillar would come to exploit during their war with the other Tribes.
  • Aureban - Having managed to evade being controlled by the M'arrillians for a short time, the arrival of the Fluidmorphers and Kha'rall during the second wave proved to be Aureban's downfall, as he was brainwashed while battling Fla'gamp.[citation needed] Aureban would be forced to fight against his brethren, but would ultimately be freed from M'arrillian control when Aa'une had been destroyed at Lake Blakeer. Afterwards, Aureban took part in the Perithon, in which he was the first Creature to cross the finish line - however, not the first racer. This, alongside the fact that the Danians had attempted to Infect all the racers sparked debate as to whether or not the Danians should be disqualified, ultimately leading to the disbandment of the Tribal Alliance.
  • Nukasai - One of many Battlemasters to have been brainwashed during the M'arrillian invasion, Nukasai was a talented Infectionist, capable of Infecting and Uninfecting Creatures on a whim, a talent which the M'arrillians would take advantage of once they'd brainwashed him.
  • Rebant - One of many Battlemasters to have been brainwashed during the first wave of the M'arrillian invasion, Rebant is also quite talented with Mugic, a trait not common among Battlemasters.


  • Bierk - Spending much of his time in the Mount Pillar Reservoir, Bierk is not only able to wield Water, but is Fireproof when in the presence of UnderWorlders. During the M'arrillian invasion, Bierk was one of a small group of Danians to reach Kiru City and join the Tribal Alliance there, though he struggled to work alongside the OverWorlders, ultimately resulting in his capture at the hands of Shimmark and Ghatup in order to prove to the other Tribes that they needed the aid of the Mipedians. Bierk was later hypnotized by Lystone, who had been brainwashed by the M'arrillians and sought to lure the Tribal Alliance away from their leaders in order to destroy them. While arguing with Nebres, Bierk was saved by Ghatup, who took an attack from Lystone on their behalf after being freed from her hypnosis. Bierk was then among the task force sent to Glacier Plains alongside Tangath Toborn in a last ditch attempt to stop the M'arrillian Heat Cannon from firing and melting the ice. When Rath'tab prevented them from being successful in their mission, Tangath Toborn was forced to sacrifice himself by using the Symphony of Stasis to freeze the resulting tidal wave in place. As such, Bierk remained at Glacier Plains even after the M'arrillians had been defeated, working to try and find a way to free Tangath. When this proved impossible, and Maxxor had to free Tangath by destroying his Talazar so that he could face Vitog as a SpiritLander, Bierk attended Tangath's funeral in the Glacier Plains to pay his respects.
  • Junda - A Danian whose position above his peers has made him paranoid, Junda was guarding the Doors of the Deepmines when Phelphor approached and fell prey to his brainwashing, being forced to unlock the Doors and free the M'arrillians. Junda would later sign up with his Bi-Mowercycle for the Perithon to celebrate the Tribal Alliance's victory over the M'arrillians.
  • Formicidor - A Scout among Squadleaders, Formicidor is known for spending extended periods away from Mount Pillar. For this reason, Formicidor is said to know the ins and outs of the UnderWorld, some even UnderWorlders themselves are unaware of.
  • Gazarbash - Skilled in the art of Uninfection, Gazarbash could draw on this ability in order to open portals leading to new locations across Perim.
  • Balaan - Capable of Infecting Creatures through self-sacrifice, Balaan was felled by UnderWorlders but knew that he had succeeded in his duties when he saw them transforming into Danians.
  • Fliandar - Bearing a swarm of Danian Parasites within himself, Fliandar is capable to healing himself through the Uninfection of other Creatures by recalling their Parasites to his own body.
  • Lendai - A Squadleader capable of strengthening his Water abilities through Uninfection and deflecting Mugic through Infection.
  • Chaac - An unfortunate victim of M'arrillian brainwashing during the first wave of the M'arrillian invasion, while Chaac could previously Infect Creatures through the sacrifice of a Mugician, the M'arrillians forced him to instead use his Mugical abilities to strip his fellow Danians of their Elemental Power.
  • Kalanju - Yet another Danian Infectionist, Kalanju fell victim to the M'arrillians when they first arrived at Mount Pillar to take claim of the Mount Pillar Reservoir.
  • Vunhra - While having evaded capture throughout the majority of the M'arrillian invasion, possessing a talent for empowering his fellow members of the Tribal Alliance, Vunhra eventually came under M'arrillian control during the invasion's final wave.
  • Uholdan - The victim of M'arrillian brainwashing upon their arrival in Mount Pillar, Uholdan was manipulated for his ability to transport potential threats toward the M'arrillians away from battle.
  • Ghundac - One of Oipont's officers, when the Mipedians reached out to the Danians for their help in deciphering the Cothica Tablet in the City of Kehn-Sep, Ghundac was sent in order to protect Tharc from any potential threats on their journey into the OverWorld. Ghundac was later sent by the Danians to aid in the Battle of Dranakis Threshold, where Lord Van Bloot threatened to utilize the location's time travel abilities so as to attempt to conquer Perim's past, ultimately resulting in Dranakis Threshold's destruction.[citation needed]


  • Nom - As Servant of the Earth, Nom was created by the Elemental Emperor of the Earth and convened with the High Muges after Kaizeph had been raised from the depths of Lake Ken-I-Po. He worked closely with Lore, desiring to aid the High Muge of the Hive in navigating The Cliffs so as to remind Perim of the integrity of the Earth.
  • Faash - An Elementalist specializing in the manipulation of Fire, Faash grows stronger when he separates himself from the Hive. During the M'arrillian invasion, Faash was one of the Danians who traveled to Kiru City in order to join the Tribal Alliance, although he often butt heads with Viqtarr in the process, resulting in his capture at the hands of the Mipedians, who wished to display their necessity to the Tribal Alliance. As a result of continued disputes among the Tribes, Faash was hypnotized by Lystone and lead away from the leaders of the Tribal Alliance in order to be picked off one-by-one by the brainwashed OverWorlder. With Lystone's defeat, the Tribal Alliance became closer than ever, and Faash was among the brigade tasked with tunnelling beneath Phelphor's troops as they closed in on Kiru City, planning to attack them from behind when they least expected it. While this plan proves to be a success, and a small squadron led by Takinom arrives to aid Faash and the Tribal Alliance, Kiru City is taken by the M'arrillians when Aa'une enters his avatar form at Lake Blakeer. Forced to battle the Tribal Alliance members brainwashed by the M'arrillians, Faash is left to contend with Intress, and is eventually overpowered and brainwashed by the M'arrillians, only to be freed from their control shortly thereafter when Aa'une is destroyed. Long after the Tribal Alliance had dissolved, Faash attends Tangath Toborn's funeral in Glacier Plains alongside the other Tribes of Perim in order to pay his respects.
  • Katharaz - Specializing in Air, Water, and Earth attacks and being able to call upon the Hive to grant him resistance to all the Elements, Katharaz led a squadron of Danians to defend the Mount Pillar Reservoir from the M'arrillians, knowing that, without it, Mount Pillar would fall. Though the battle was lost, Katharaz lived to fight another day.
  • Neekwin - Specializing in Air and Water attacks, Neekwin is a self-absorbed Danian who prefers to fight without BattleGear, who aided in defending the UnderWorld Pitts as a member of the Tribal Alliance during the third wave of the M'arrillian invasion.
  • Vilrik Landfarer - As an Elementalist specializing in deactivating Elemental attacks, Vilrik was unique among his fellow Elementalists in that, he lacked access to one of the Elemental Powers. Vilrik would come under M'arrillian control during the third wave of the M'arrillian invasion, where he would be forced to work at the M'arrillian Melting Camp. [citation needed]

Danian Warriors

  • Hammerdoom Chantcaller - Originally an UnderWorlder, Hammerdoom was known to be sensitive of his stature, and challenged both Rothar and a human to do battle in UnderWorld Coliseum when they'd insulted his height. However, while Hammerdoom beat Rothar, he was not prepared when the human brought a Gigantroper to battle. While Hammerdoom lost to the human, he refused to accept defeat, attempting to strike the human while he had his back turned and prompting retaliation from Chaor as a result. Hammerdoom would then be subjugated to a Danian Parasite and forced to join the Danians. Following the M'arrillian invasion, Hammerdoom and his Blitz Buggy takes part in the Perithon, though he is forced to bail when he underestimates a jump during the first leg of the race.
  • Jaal - A powerful Warrior with a grasp on Danian Parasites, Jaal excelled in overpowering other Creatures with brute force and Earth attacks, which would automatically Infect Creatures he engaged with.
  • Agrino Jaldar - A Danian Infectionist, Agrino Jaldar evaded M'arrillian brainwashing until he faced Ihun'kalin during the second wave of the M'arrillian invasion.
  • Valban - Valban is a Danian who makes bonds with Creatures he Infects, capable of drawing on their Elemental Powers for himself.
  • Ketun - Following the restoration of Kaizeph, Ketun was one of many Danians to be sent to the City of Elements, having been personally tasked to defend the Muges and scholars who visited it. As a result, Ketun developed a certain resistance to all kinds of Elemental attacks. [citation needed]
  • Hiadrom - Sent by Illexia to search for a new home for the Danians when the M'arrillians threatened their very existence, Hiadrom would later join Illexia after the M'arrillian invasion in the excavation of the Nest of the Ancestors, moulting in order to differentiate himself from the Danians of Mount Pillar. However, when Kaizeph was restored, Hiadrom was compelled to return to Aszil's side by the rock of The Cliffs in the Earth Quadrant. [citation needed]
  • Mhein - One of the Danians who traveled alongside Illexia to excavate the Nest of the Anscestors, Mhein played a part in defending the new Hive from unsuspecting UnderWorlders who had not realized they'd trespassed on the newly acquired Danian territory.[citation needed]
  • Makanaz - A Danian who had joined the Tribal Alliance during the third wave of the M'arrillian invasion, Makanaz is a brute who battled a brainwashed Nauthilax while defending The Pitts.
  • Kapalor - A warrior who joined the Tribal Alliance during the M'arrillian invasion of Perim. He was known for drawing off of the power of his fellow Danians, Infected or otherwise, and grew stronger without the use of BattleGear.


  • Raznus - Previously the OverWorld Ambassador to the Danians, Raznus sought peace among the Tribes - while the Danians had other ideas. Infecting Raznus with a Danian Parasite and sending him back to Kiru City under the guise of peace between the OverWorld and Danians, Raznus transformed and attempted to assassinate, and later Infect, Maxxor. When he failed, Raznus embraced the life of the Danians at Mount Pillar. When Shadow Creatures begin attacking Perim, Razus is among the Creatures impersonated in an attempt to trigger war among the Tribes. Soon after, the M'arrillians arrive at Mount Pillar and taint the Reservoir, leading Illexia to declare that the Danians have need to seek out a new home should they hope to survive. Travelling with Odu-Bathax, the Danians make a wrong turn and arrive beneath Bodal's Arsenal, where Odu-Bathax plots to utilize OverWorld BattleGear to conquer Kiru City, to Raznus' chagrin. The Danians are confronted by Intress, Attacat, Targubaj, and Wytod - with Intress doggedly pursuing Raznus for what he'd attempted to do the last time he was there. Unable to get the truth out to Intress, Raznus attempts to Infect her, only to be thwarted by Maxxor, who demands to know why Raznus had returned to Kiru City, with Raznus revealing the Danians' strife. Maxxor then sends Raznus back to Queen Illexia to form the Tribal Alliance in order to fight the M'arrillians. As Raznus was one of the members of the Tribal Alliance in Kiru City when Aa'une entered his Avatar form, he was subject to Aa'une's psionic attack and brainwashed to fight alongside the M'arrillians against what remained of the Tribal Alliance. Following Aa'une's destruction at Lake Blakeer however, Raznus mind was freed.
  • Wamma - A lazy Mandiblor, Wamma befriended Chaotikween when he got himself into trouble and she helped save him. When ChaotiKween was captured while attempting to scan a Stingblade, Wamma tried to get her Scanner back for her, but failed in doing so. Instead, when MajorTom, KidChaor, and PeytonicMaster came to rescue ChaotiKween, Wamma darted them and they were put into custody as well, thinking that they could make a trade of some sort with Odu-Bathax. Together, ChaotiKween plotted with Wamma in order to fool the Mandiblors assigned to guard her, allowing her to take her Scanner back and escape Mount Pillar. Wamma would later help ChaotiKween fool Hisser into trading the Song of Mandiblor Mugic for a can-opener, only for the Song of Mandiblor to be stolen by another Danian. Wamma once again helps ChaotiKween when he steals a Mandiblor Crown for her in exchange for a map of the Twisted Palace. Although, when Galin unexpectedly happens upon their trade, ChaotiKween is forced to run, tossing the Mandiblor Crown down a garbage chute while Wamma covers for her. A Shadow Warrior copy of Wamma was made by Lord Van Bloot when he got wind of a Mugic capable of destroying the BattleGear he'd stolen, which kidnapped Lore and threatened MajorTom in order to find said Mugic. Not long after, the M'arrillians initiated their invasion of Perim, during which Wamma was knocked unconscious while attempting to run away, leading to his promotion to the position of Battlemaster when it's assumed that a M'arrillian was responsible. After Kaizeph, City of Elements, is restored to its former glory, Wamma helps ChaotiKween get a scan of Nom, the Servant of Earth, in response to which Lore has him demoted back to Mandiblor.
  • Aimukk - Not particular known for his strength, but rather his will power, Aimukk was one of the Danians who escaped Mount Pillar during the M'arrillian invasion and joined the Tribal Alliance in Kiru City. In training exercises, Aimukk commonly butted heads with Viqtarr, the two having to be separated by Bierk and Arias. As a result of his bickering, Aimukk was captured by Shimmark and Ghatup when Prince Mudeenu arrived outside of Kiru City with a group of Mipedians, intent on proving their worth to the Tribal Alliance. Aimukk then fell prey to a brainwashed Lystone, who hypnotized him alongside his fellow trainees under the Tribal Alliance in order to pick them off one by one. Aimukk specifically fought with Nebres and Ghatup in pursuit of Lystone, though when Lystone attacked the two, Ghatup - who had been snapped out of his hypnotized state - took the blast on their behalf, bringing the two back to their senses and helping them to appreciate the other Tribes. Aimukk was then a part of the brigade which tunneled beneath Phelphor's army as it surrounded Kiru City. The brigade created a distraction in order to create their own foothold to deploy Mipedian Warbeasts from. Aa'une then entered his Avatar form at Lake Blakeer, launching a psionic attack that empowered all the M'arrillians across Perim. Aimukk and the Tribal Alliance struggled against the M'arrillians, who pinned them down and were moving in for the kill, when Takinom arrived with her own brigade, effectively defeating Phelphor and his army. Aimukk then joined with Takinom's forces and moved in on Kiru City, where they found that Aa'une's attack had also brainwashed the majority of the Tribal Alliance, and thus what remained were forced to battle their comrades. Ultimately, Aimukk had his Mindbander removed during the Battle of Kiru City and was brainwashed towards its end, leaving only Takinom. Fortunately, Aa'une was then defeated and Aimukk was freed from M'arrillian control alongside the rest of the Tribal Alliance, who led a pursuit of the M'arrillians as they retreated back to their footholds.
  • Galin - A Mandiblor who believes he can speak with the Danian Ancestors, Galin came across a trade between Wamma and ChaotiKween, wherein Wamma flipped the scenario to suggest that ChaotiKween was stealing a Mandiblor Crown. When ChaotiKween ran, Wamma covered her escape with intentionally poor blaster fire, allowing her time to toss the Mandiblor Crown down a garbage chute, porting out before Galin could catch her. Galin was one of the Danians to join the Tribal Alliance in Kiru City, acting as a member of Takinom's brigade. As such, he was sent to aid Malvadine's brigade in fighting Phelphor and his troops, which proved beneficial after Aa'une entered his Avatar form at Lake Blakeer and empowered the M'arrillians. As such, Galin took part in the following Battle of Kiru City, where he was forced to fight against his former allies, who had been brainwashed by Aa'une's psionic attack. When Aa'une was defeated and the brainwashed were freed from M'arrillian control, the M'arrillians staged a full retreat back to their footholds, with Galin and the rest of the Tribal Alliance in hot pursuit.
  • Vollash - An elite Danian Guard, Vollash bears a close relationship to Illexia, whom he dedicates his life to protecting. As such, Vollash led the assault on Kolmo when he attempted to kidnap Illexia via Flux Bauble, seeing to his imprisonment thereafter.
  • Dasalin - As a Danian Guard stationed to protect the Mount Pillar Reservoir, Dasalin developed a natural inclination to the Water Element. It is likely he was present at the Reservoir when Neth'uar and the M'arrillians invaded to establish their foothold during the first wave of the M'arrillian Invasion.
  • Tarbok - Having been raised as a Guard among the Hive, Tarbok was one of many Danians who attempted to liberate the Mount Pillar Reservoir, facing Neth'uar's forces during the second wave of the M'arrillian Invasion. Despite his best efforts, Tarbok and the Danian Guards alongside him did not succeed in their efforts, though Tarbok managed to evade M'arrillian control.
  • Kelvedran - Due to being raised as a Danian Guard, Kelvedran's flight capabilities enabled him to developed the Air Element, honing his Elemental abilities to make him Fireproof and Earthproof, perfect for fighting against most UnderWorld intruders at Mount Pillar. Kelvedran was one of many Danians who joined the Tribal Alliance, acting as a part of Takinom's brigade. As such, Kelvedran was sent to aid Malvadine's brigade in fighting back Phelphor and his troops, which proved to be beneficial when the M'arrillians were empowered thanks to Aa'une entering his Avatar form at Lake Blakeer. Kelvedran then took part in the Battle of Kiru City, where he and what remained of the Tribal Alliance were forced to battle their former allies, now brainwashed thanks to Aa'une's psionic attack. When Aa'une was defeated and the brainwashed were freed from M'arrillian control, the M'arrillians staged a full retreat back to their footholds, with Kelvedran and the rest of the Tribal Alliance in hot pursuit.
  • Irrabeq - A Guard under Dasanil, Irrabeq was present at the Mount Pillar Reservoir when Neth'uar and the M'arrillians arrived to claim the Danians' source of life as their foothold, falling prey to M'arrillian brainwashing. As such, the M'arrillians took advantage of Irrabeq when fighting Infected Creatures.
  • Tarteme - As a Danian Guard, Tartemme likely had access to the Air Element due to his flying capabilities.
  • Tabaal - Specializing in Danian Infection, Tabaal is unique among the a Danian Guard. During the first wave of the M'arrillian Invasion, Tabaal was one of the Guards unfortunate enough to be turned on his fellow Danians with brainwashing.
  • Tarin - More than just a Mandiblor, Tarin functioned as one of few Danian Scouts, much like Formicidor, preferring to tunnel into the OverWorld, having been skilled in the Element of Earth.
  • Elhadd - Underestimated by many due to his meager stature, Elhadd discovered the connection between the Kha'rall and the Shards which empower them during a battle in Everrain
  • Lhad - Young and naive, Lhad aspires to follow Kannen's example and rise in the ranks of Danian society.
  • Hermatred - As a Mandiblor stationed at the Mount Pillar Reservoir when Neth'uar and the M'arrillians came to claim it as their foothold, Hermatred was one of the many Danians who was brainwashed by the M'arrillians, who strengthened Hermatred's natural inclination to the Water element. Hermatred made up for what he lacked in physical prowess by and courage by acting as a spy for the M'arrillians.
  • Drazz - Much like Hermatred, Drazz had a natural inclination towards Water due to being positioned at the Mount Pillar Reservoir, also coming under M'arrillian brainwashing when Neth'uar and the M'arrillians invaded the Reservoir. Drazz also possessed the Earth element however, and was utilized in fighting back Bierk's battalions during the M'arrillians' initial attack.
  • Klencka - Brainwashed during the second wave of the M'arrillian Invasion during the Danians' first attempts to reclaim the Mount Pillar Reservoir, Klencka was unique among the brainwashed in that he would eventually be freed from M'arrillian control. Seeking to avenge his fallen brethren, Klencka joined the Tribal Alliance and fought alongside Gorram and Kepiaan in liberating the Danian lifeblood.
  • Ibiaan - Renowned for his wisdom, Ibiaan is looked upon with jealousy by the likes of Hota, whom Ibiaan is known to regard with little respect, as "the least Danian, Danian he knows."
  • Ivelaan - A Mandiblor who had never been above ground, upon his first journey into the OverWorld, Ivelaan discovered something that would change the course of Danian history. In the event of his death, Ivelaan's strengths are capable of empowering his fellow Mandiblors.
  • Daj Huun - As a member of Formicidor's Squadron, Daj Huun often ventures into the UnderWorld alongside his Squadleader.
  • Nakal - With mastery of both Fire and Earth, Nakal tends to and reshapes the crumbling walls of Mount Pillar.

Past Danians

  • Makromil - Hailing from the first Danian Hive, Makromil took part in the sapping of water from the Mipidem Tropics to create the Mount Pillar Reservoir. As such, when Ajara and General Masaba discovered this, Makromil viciously battled the Mipedians until they were forced to retreat. Makromil and his brethren would go on to finish construction of Mount Pillar, due to Ajara not being believed by her superiors.
  • Litik - High Muge of the Hive more than 2000 solons ago. Litik led the meeting of the High Muges the first time that Varakarr traveled to Kaizeph with Khilai. A month later, he questioned Khilai alongside the other High Muges, having felt the Power emanating from the Khilaian Sphere when it was discovered within Mipedian territory; though it took some prying and even then Khilai refused the aid of the High Muges in studying the Khilaian Sphere. After the Sphere was stolen by a M'arrillian, Khilai came clean about the Khilaian Sphere to her fellow High Muges, with Litik accusing the Mipedians of trying to fashion a weapon to use against the other Tribes, stating that it served them right and not truly believing in the threat that the M'arrillians may have posed. Litik remained by his Queen's side after the M'arrillians toppled Kaizeph, defending her the best he could without the Power of Mugic, though he ultimately succumbed to M'arrillian control when the Queen was brainwashed and asserted control over the entirety of the Tribe.
  • Ibicara - The Elderly Danian Queen more than 2000 solons ago. Having learned of the Danian Queen's ability to assert control over the entirety of the Danian Tribe from Varakarr, the M'arrillians targeted Ibicara and the Danians first, with Ibicara calling all her children to arms in order to defend the Hive. When the M'arrillians succeeded in breaking through her forces, they successfully Managed to brainwash her, and by extension, rest of the Danian Tribe, to be utilized in the conquering of the other Tribes.
  • Virinil - Danian Warlord more than 2000 solons ago, winged leader of the Queen's legions. Following the brainwashing of the Danian Queen, he fell under M'arrillian control and was forced to help conquer the other Tribes.
  • Gimitin - Danian Noble more than 2000 solons ago. Consort of Queen Ibicara, following the brainwashing of the Danian Queen, he fell under M'arrillian control and was forced to help conquer the other Tribes.
  • Drilinac - Coming from an age when only one High Muge oversaw the matters of all the Tribes, Drilinac preceded Oronir, and the discovery of Kaizeph, as High Muge. Prior to Drilinac, Cydec, of the Mipedian Tribe, acted as High Muge.

Other Danians

  • Hisser - A shop owner within the Danian market, Hisser had stolen a Song of Mandiblor Mugic and was subsequently tricked by Wamma into trading it for a can-opener, believing that it would make him invisible.
  • Nunk'worn - A M'arrillian Fluidmorpher sent to Mount Pillar during the second wave of the M'arrillian invasion alongside Fla'gamp, Nunk'worn's entire reason for being at Mount Pillar was to empower Rol'doi and the other Kha'rall fighters. After Aa'une's destruction at Lake Blakeer, Nunk'worn took part in the Third Battle of the Reservoir, where he was Infected with a Danian Parasite and later transformed into the first Danian Fluidmorpher.
  • Aztrolar - A Danian who led an attack on Castle Mommark with millipede-like boring devices.
  • Everram - A Danian Guard who traveled alongside Illexia and took part in the excavation of the Hive of the Ancestors,
  • Getaan - A Danian Infectionist who traveled alongside Illexia to excavate the Hive of the Ancestors, Getaan oversaw the incubation of new Danian Parasites.

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