April 2018 / June 2018

"She's one of the fastest, smartest, toughest creatures in Perim."
Sarah, BattleDrome of the Sexes

Feburary 2018 / March 2018

"You can either surrender or die... and I won't accept your surrender."
―Prince Mudeenu, Champion of the Guard Card

September 2017 / January 2018

"Defeat the enemy from within. When they no longer know whom to trust, they’ll crumble on their own!"
Phelphor, Fluidmorpher’s Fanfare Card

April 2017 / August 2017

"I am going to Dranakis Threshold. Forgive me for leaving you but I must do this. You have always shared with me the knowledge of your great discoveries. I hope, with all my heart, that this is my chance to repay you in kind. And no matter what happens, I know we shall meet again. "
Afjak, Threshold Of Destruction

April 2016 / March 2017

"Welcome friends, to Kiru City!"
―Kiru, Chaotic

October 2015 / March 2016

"Eat a human? Blech, too many bones.""
―H'earring, Chaotic S1E3: Unexpected

April 2015 / November 2015

"Exiled from the Underworld, Chaor has lost his homeland and his throne. But his anger still rages, and it drives him forward."
―Flavor text, Chaor the Fierce

January 2015 / March 2015

"I realize the battle is necessary, but this... this is too much. Even if we win the war, Perim is doomed."
―Sobtjek, Khorror flavor text

September 2014 / December 2014

"I tried but they got your scanner locked up tight. Bosses won't let mandilblors like me near it."
―Wamma, Buggin' Out

June 2014 / August 2014

"I fight for all of Perim!"
―Maxxor, Maxxor POP's flavor text

March 2014 / May 2014

"I may serve Chaor, but in time Chaor will serve me!"
―Lord Van Bloot, LVB's flavor text

July 2013 / Febuary 2014

"just because you can't see a thing...doesn't mean it isn't there"
―Prince Mudeenu, Castle Bodhran or Bust

April / June 2013

"You deserve a reward."
―Illexia, Big Time

Febuary / March 2013

"You must open the doors."
―Phelphor, From the Deep

January 2013

"Then I am afraid Raimusa is doomed."
―Blügon, Out in the cold

November / December 2012

"The Source of all nightmares is here."
―Aa'une Flavor Text
"The lucky ones go insane..."
―Psikom Madness Chamber Flavor text

August / September / October 2012

"Just...doing my duty...your highness..."
―An injured Siado to Prince Mudeenu, A Flux Too Far
"Why do I get myself into these situations?"
―Siado about helping Peyton and Kaz, A Flux Too Far

May / June / July 2012

"Eat a human?! Bleargh to many bones"
―H'earring, Get In Gear
""Kaz! Help me Kaz!""
―H'earring, Mister E

April 2012

""But I know you! In my time you're old!"

"Well i suppose that's better then the alternative.""

―Tam & Najarin, Yesterdays Heroes

Feb 2012-Mar 2012

""It's not the Cards Tom, It's the player.""
―Codemaster Crellan To Tom, Battle Lessons

Dec 2011-Jan 2012

""Two guys against one little girl. It hardly seems fair.""
―Zalvar, Battledrome Of The ***es
""Yeah next time bring more""
―Intress, Battledrome Of The ***es