Chaotic is where players play the game – for real – in the BattleDromes where they build their BattleTeams and ultimately transform – via the Codes – into the actual battling Creatures.


The origins of Chaotic are ambiguous, even to the Chaotic Players. Many theories circulate among them; that Chaotic was invented by the CodeMasters, creating a world between Perim and Earth; an inventor from Earth created the first scanner to explore other dimensions before discovering Perim where he made a deal with the tribes to build the Port Court and Chaotic. Others have their own theories, Peyton believe that some ultimate Chaotic Player who was so good at playing was responsible for making Chaotic real. Kaz however thinks that Chaotic was created by the tribes to allow the humans to help search for the mythical Cothica. The history of Chaotic's founding is still a mystery, but the world serves as a base for many Chaotic Players seeking adventure and networking with their fellow players.[1]


Chaotic is a city-sized island that appears to be floating above a layer of clouds. It is separated into seven sections by seven rivers. Transit around Chaotic is assisted by moving walkways and a monorail that connect to BattleDromes.

Outside the BattleDromes, Chaotic is a place where players interact with one another, hang out at the Chaotic “PortCourt” and watch the battles on big screens. When it’s time to build up their decks, players need to scan Creatures, Locations, BattleGear and Mugic, and that means a trip to Perim. Chaotic is administered by hundreds of service drones that handle maintenance.

Chaotic may also exist in another dimension separated from Perim. Evidence shows where players have time traveled into Perim's past, are still able to return to Chaotic in real time despite the temporal dislocation.


  • Players that are affected in Perim by ailments and conditions, like Mugic or temporal distortions may have their Code reset once they return back to Chaotic restoring them to normal.


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Notes and References

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