For the place called Chaotic, from the game and television show of the same name, see Chaotic (Location)

This multi-platform game will bring your card and online gaming experience to a whole new level. Not only can you collect and trade these greatly-designed trading cards, you can also battle your friends online. Each card has a unique code so only you can scan and add it to your online deck. When you're online you can play, trade, and talk.

The name "Chaotic" suits this revolutionary experience, as it must really be Chaos in Chaotic and Perim.

Chaotic was also a TV show which has been suspended indefinitly.

The site was taken down for the third and apparently final time between May 31 and July 29 2013. The latest copy from Wayback Machine (which includes Flash and PDF content) offers content such as the rulebooks, news, and interactive tutorial, but not the online game.