Ario is a Mipedian of the Royal Mipedian Army.

Character Origins

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Name Origin

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Ario is fairly odd sized for a Mipedian. Unlike most of his tribe, Ario is of a somewhat thicker build than the average Mipedian. A striking yellow belly accents this difference in contrast to the green scales covering the rest of his body.Like most Mipedians he wears a loincloth and little else. A large blue emblem is easily seen painted across the center of his chest. Ario is a very strong Mipedian whose unique appearance strikes fear into his enemies.

As a Mipedian, Ario resembles a lizard walking upright. His skin is green and his face and tail are reminiscent to the features of a crocodile, with his reptilian heritage underlined by his slithering tongue.

Background Information

Ario is a member of the Mipedian Royal Guard and serves as protector and defender of the Oasis in the Mipedian Desert. This assignment suits him well, as he hates leaving his homeland. Living under the blistering Mipedian sun is his idea of fulfillment. His extensive training and battle experience have earned him great respect among his fellow Mipedians. Ario is trained in the art of Mugic and is a fierce, tenacious fighter.

Ario believes that a strong Attack is the best defense, and most Mipedians agree with him. When he uses his Invisibility Strike and his Dragon Pulse in the Oasis, his enemies never know what hit them. Ario is a master of the Element of Air so beware of desert breezes!

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Card Information

Basic Stats

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Stat Courage Courage :
50 (40–60)
Stat Power Power :
55 (45–65)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
25 (15–35)
Stat Speed Speed :
55 (45–65)
Energy :
40 (35–45)


Invisiblity: Strike 15 (Add 15 damage to the first attack this Creature mkes each combat.)
Though not in his prime, Ario is always primed for battle.

The Animated Series


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
27 An Easy Win Yes No
39 Eye of the Maelstrom No Yes
45 Rockwave and Roll Yes No
48 Mega Match Yes No
51 War Beasts Yes No
60 Earth to Kaz No Yes
62 Warriors of Eternity No Yes
65 Last Stand (Part One) No Yes

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Card/Scan Copies

Player Stat Power Stat Wisdom Stat Speed Energy Mug Scan Obtained|- style="" Chaotic Player Name (...) # # # # # # where and when

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Offline/online card owners

Player Stat Courage Stat Power Stat Wisdom Stat Speed Energy Mug Scan Obtained melosa5 55 50 35 45 45 1 Card


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