Allmageddon is an Attack Card.

"''Allmageddon may be super powerful, but it's still just an attack."
Tom Majors

Attack Origins

Allmageddon is a portmanteau of Armageddon and All. Armageddon is a Christian belief of the final battle between good and evil, other Abrahamic religions such as Islam have similar eschatological beliefs for the events of a last day or judgement day. All is a common English word for encompassing everything into a list, such as the idea of the card doing all avaliable damage (base, fire, air, earth and water).

Background Information

When the Allmageddon Attack is used, massive surges of Elemental energy strike the target, potentially causing huge amounts of damage. However, the Allmageddon Attack is rarely used as it is very seldom mastered. This is because the wielder needs to master all four Elements. Heptadd, an OverWorld Creature, has mastered the Allmageddon Attack. It is said to be his favorite. There is also an very inherent danger in using this attack because unless used in a large area with only your opponent and yourself, the attack will literally obliterate everything as hoton unfortunately learned the hard way. Hoton currently is trying to undo what he has done with the Allmageddon attack. Later in Sons of the spirit lands Heptadd uses this attack on Vitog and it has no effect.

Card Information

Basic Stats

Build Points : 5
Base Damage : 10
Fire Damage : 10
Air Damage : 10
Earth Damage : 10
Water Damage : 10



Insight on Card Abilities



A unique and extremely potent Attack, Allmageddon is also very expensive, with a Build Cost of 5. The Base Damage is 10, and it draws additional damage for each Element the wielder controls.


Allmageddon OP

Organized Play Allmageddon

For Organized Play, an alternate art version of Allmageddon are given away in the 3 card OP packs.

TV Show


Card Owners

Battle Boarder

Allmageddon is Battle Boarder/Hoton's ultimate attack.


Though Peyton's latest scan of Hoton still knows how to perform Allmageddon, he lacks the energy to do so.

Tom scanned hoton while healed by mugic so there is the possibility that this scan can use allmaggedon too however tom lost a battle against a codemasters creature so it is unknown



  Though Allmageddon is undoubtedly a very powerful and destructive attack, the energy it uses up will put all creatures who use it an extreme disadvantage. A prime example is Hoton in the tv series, who still was drained of energy after using the attack many weeks ago evidenced by Peyton's scan of him had very low energy making him very unsuitable for battle.

In the Shadow Warriors game all of the main tribel leaders (Maxxor , Chaor and Illexia [the Mipedian ruler was absent from the game]) could use Allmageadon as their highest level attack

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