The Stalkers remained invisible. Now they were the ones being stalked. - Flavor text


Vitar'zu has the appearance of a crab like warrior

Background Information

Vitar’zu was selected to aid the chieftain Ihun’kalin in Rao’Pa Sahkk. Vitar’zu was able to eliminate the remaining Mipedian Stalkers of the Ocean with No Water that escaped Ihun’kalin's control. Vitar’zu accompanied Ihun’kalin to the Mipedim Oasis in his final assault against the Mipedian Royals. After Aa’une’s defeat, Vitar’zu would continue to serve Ihun’kalin in defending the Rao’Pa Sahkk Foothold.[citation needed]

Personality and Behavior

Vitar'zu held a great deal of hatred towards the Mipedians, dealing additional damage to the inhabitants of Rao'Pa Sahkk.


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies

M'arrillians and Minions


Non M'arrillians

Card Details

Basic Stats

Stat Courage Courage: 50 
(40 – 60)
Stat Power Power: 40 
(30 – 50)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom: 40 
(30 – 50)
Stat Speed Speed: 90 
(80 – 100)
 Energy: 45 
(40 – 50)


Intimidate Speed 30

Earthproof 25

Vitar'zu deals an extra 5 damage to Mipedian creatures

The Stalkers remained invisible. Now they were the ones being stalked.


Vitar’zu works great with Ihun’kalin and Jus’hebban. His ability will immediately lower your opponent’s speed by 30. Place him in the front with the Kha’rall Amber Shard so he can take advantage of Slowsand, and he will gain 25 energy. If he is facing a creature with Earth, he gains another 25 energy, making him a powerful creature to face.

Release and Promotion

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