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Creatures who excel at Fire Attacks often boost their firepower with the formidable Viledriver. Its mechanized legs can traverse rough terrain, while the Viledriver’s cannons can launch overwhelming streams and salvos of smoke and flame.

Background Information

This mighty and menacing Battlegear was designed and built by the mad genius Ulmar, who was under orders from the UnderWorld ruler Chaor to build the ultimate fire weapon. The first Viledriver that Ulmar designed had mechanical problems and eventually was destroyed in an accident at his laboratory. Ulmar soon built an improved model. Chaor wants to outfit all his military units with Viledrivers as an invulnerable defensive force … or maybe in preparation for an invasion of the OverWorld.

Card Information

The creature this card is eqipped with gains an additional +5 Fire Damage, which can be dealt to the creature it attacks.

Release and Promotion

TV Show

The battlegear is among many that appears frequently in the series. In the season two finale an army of Viledrivers can be seen used against the M'Arrilians


First was in "Crash Course" or, "Get it in Gear" in some areas.

it currently has an ongoing appearance.

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