Ur-Shard is a Battlegear.


The Ur-Shard had its one and only appearance, in the battle between Codemaster Crellen and Major Tom. It is assumed to be a green shard wrapped in strings which represents the 'prehistoric' scenario set by Crellen and his equally as prehistoric creatures.


The wielder of Ur-Shard deals more Earth Damage but becomes very Reckless, as well. When used in battle, the Ur-Shard will always cling to the victor and serve as that Creature’s Battlegear.

Background Information

Legend tells that before the Deepmines were sealed ages ago, an ancient piece of glowing, Mugical rock was unearthed there. Powerful Earth energy emanates from the shard, which seems to be broken off from a larger rock. This fabled rock has been given the name Ur, and the shard found in the Deepmines is called the Ur-Shard. The Ur-Shard disappeared for many years but later surfaced in Mount Pillar. A prized possession of Queen Illexia, the shard rests in Mount Pillar’s royal treasury.

Card Information


Equipped Creature gains 'Earth 5' and 'Recklessness 5'. If equipped creature is destroyed, while equipped to the Ur-Shard, destroy the opposing creature's battlegear and equip Ur-shard to that creature.


 Because of Ur-Shard's Unique Second Ability to be able to knock off your opponent's battlegear, you can basically grant your opponent Recklessness 5 if you get destroyed, though be wary, as their Earth attacks will be boosted. If you believe your opponent isn't going to run many Earth attacks, this is a useful battlegear.

Release and Promotion

It was released as an Ultra in Zenith of the Hive.

TV Show


It appeared in the Codemaster Chronicles during Codemaster Crellen and Major Tom match. Smildon (Crellen) used the battlegear against Maxxor (Tom) although Smildon got defeated.

Maxxor (Tom) used it in his match against Mister E.

Cards and Scans

Codemaster Crellen



―Smildon, Codemaster Chronicles Part 1


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