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Tomugar is one of the UnderWorld's most renowned scientists. His experiments have been able to raise one discipline in a creature significantly, at the cost of losing a little of another discipline. During the M'arrillian Invasion, he was brainwashed by the Rath'tab. At his chieftain's command, he would develop an ability that would eliminate mugic from the opponent at the cost of a mugic and a mugician, much to Rath'tab's delight, as the chieftain despised Mugic in all it's forms. After the Defeat of Aa'une, Tomugar was freed and is once again loyal to the UnderWorld.


Tomugar appears to be a mix between a lizard and bug of some sort. He also has gloves and an apron for surgery,


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies

Loyal to the M'arrllians

EnemiesCard Details

Basic Stats

Stat Courage Courage: 30 
(20 – 40)
Stat Power Power: 55 
(45 – 65)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom: 70 
(60 – 80)
Stat Speed Speed: 15 
(5 – 25)
 Energy: 45 
(40 – 50)


Mug-uw:Target creature gains 25 to a disipline and loses 10 to another

Brainwashed Mug-uw: Discard a mugic card: target oponent discards a random mugic card. use only once per turn BRAINWASHED (mugic symbol): Discard a mugic card: target oponent discards a random mugic card. use only once per turn


if you have a creature who has high in one discipline but low in one you need (say for a stat check/challenge) use his ability to boost the low one because you can afford to lose some of the high one. As a minion, he can be extremely useful by disrupting your opponent's mugic casting abilities by forcing them to discard a random mugic. Give him a Mugician's Lyre and in a normal 6v6 match, you can remove half of your opponent's mugic from their deck. Keep in mind this will also force you to discard a mugic, but most M'arrillian Decks do not rely on mugic so you should be fine.

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