Brad also known as Tartwrecker is a hot shot and seems to be with girls a lot. His name comes from the creature Tartarek and has a lot of scans in his deck of that particular creature.


Brad or Tartawrecker has brown hair and wears a green t-shirt and has a number 0 on his chest and is seen with girls.

Background Information

Personality and Behaviour

He really likes Tartarek and played a 6 v 6 game with only Tartarek.



  • MajorTom

TV Show



"All Tartareks? No wonder he's called "Tartawrecker""
―Tom Majors, Trading Cards


  • Tartawrecker's use of 6 Tartarek cards in Trading Cards violates "the rule of two" and would be an illegal deck in the actual card game.

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