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Mugic Origins

Surge Song was created by Hune Marquad and his colleagues at the Overworld Mugic Academy.

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In "Putting The Muge In Mugic" Hune Marquad used this Mugic to increase the power and speed of the Overworlders at Broken Edge. Tom, Payton, and Kaz scanned the mugic and Tom used it in a drone battle. But after 3 battles, his creatures lost almost all of their power and speed. He forfeited the match so that he and Sarah could go to Najarin, who created a mugic called Revocation, which could reverse the effects of the Surge Song. Tom attempted to get the mugic to Tangath Toborn but he was stopped by Xelfe. Tom then tricked him into casting the mugic on the Overworlders, saying would take away all their energy. But once the Overworlders regained their power and speed, Xelfe realized he had been tricked and ran away along with the rest of the Mipedians who had also seen the Overworlders recover and had been attacked by them.


An orange light beams down on the target creature or creatures.

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