The Spiritlands is a region separate from Perim from which Tangath Toborn, Heptadd, and Vitog hail from. Creatures from the Spiritlands are quite powerful so long as they have a Talazar, a special type of BattleGear to which their Spirit is bound. Without one, they become enter their Pure Spirit form, and whilst being invincible in Perim - though eventually a Spiritlander in Perim will cease to exist - within the Spiritlands they are powerless. Tangath Toborn's, Heptadd, and Vitog's Talazars are the Sword of Khy'at, Heptadd's Crown, and the Staff of Ar'khan respectively.

Background Information

The Spiritlands appears to lie another plane of existence, where Spirit Creatures dwell in corporeal form so long as they possess a Talazar. Much like within Perim, Creatures hailing from the Spiritlands possess their own forms of Mugic - including Tune Around - as well as unique attacks.

TV Show

Vitog begins destroying Perim until Tangath Toborn is brought to him. After Maxxor destroys his sword, Tangath is freed from the wave he created in Last Stand, Part 2 and arrives in Runic Grove to battle him. Tapping into the First Tree, Tangath seals Vitog inside it.

Unable to stay much longer before dissolving, Tangath says his goodbyes to Maxxor (and Tom and friends) before parting.





  • The Spiritlands were first mentioned in Tangath Toborn's Chaotic: Now or Never! card.
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