Somnort is an OverWorld creature.


Somnort is a tortoise like creature


An elderly and well respected member of the OverWorld, Somnort holds good relations with several other scholars of Perim. When Taffial discovered something strange in Al Mipedim Desert, he brought Somnort to the dig site to see what he discovered. Somnort was shocked when he realized that this was the Lost City of Kehn-sep, home to the greatest Mipedian King who lived.

When the Cothica Tablet was discovered in the heart of the city, Somnort participated in its translation, along with Taffial, Donmar, Tharc, and Slufurah. After the Tablet was translated, the UnderWorlders turned on the others, with Rothar leading an battalion to prevent any other tribe from learning the secrets that were uncovered. Fortunately, Somnort was able to escape but Taffial was captured.


With his high energy and use of Fire and Water attacks, Somnort can help protect your other Water creatures in battle.

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