Character Origins

Neerig is a Creature from Perim's past who is the ancestor of H'earring.


Neerig is H'earring's ancestor. So, he looks a lot like him. He has green skin and an acute hearing with the big ears. The main difference comes from his construction. H'earring is a small creature. While Neerig is a wild version, more barbaric and brutal. Even though Neerig and H'earring are not equal in size, they have an amazing ability to hear sounds from great distances because of their large ears.

Background Information

Originally an OverWorlder, he was among the tribesmen that accompanied Kiru to the UnderWorld to fight Kaal and after the victory remain there, becoming one of the ancestors of the actual UnderWorlders.

Card Details

Since Neerig never received an actual card, there is no information on him (The card and stats on the infobox are fan made)

Personality and Behavior

=== Connections Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies ===

  • Kiru


  • Kaal

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