"Stupid! Stupid!"
―Lulu, An Easy Win

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Lu2, popularly known as "LuLu the Loser" is a Chaotic player who had a hard time with, being her creature. Peyton, who was on a losing streak in Drome Imthor, decided to challenge Lulu in expectance of an easy victory. The battle began, and Lulu's inexperience quickly became apparent. As Peyton defeated her creatures one by one, he started to feel sorry for her and began trying to let her win.

However, she kept losing due to clumsiness and bad luck. After her last creature, Takinom, defeated some of Peyton's Creatures, Lulu caught on to Peyton's act. Eventually Lulu started wining on her own due to Peyton's own mistakes, Takinom defeated Siado, breaking Lulu's losing streak and mortally embarrassing Peyton. After the match, Lulu approached Peyton and thanked him for helping her get into being a creature, and over her worries.

Personality and Behaviour

Lulu started out as a nervous and inexperienced player who could not get used to being a creature in Chaotic battles, and therefore lost every time. Thankfully Peyton helped her get over her nervousness, ironcally by inadvertantly making her angery at him for loseing to her on perpouse in order to boost her confidance. Her anger helped her to focus more on her opponet instead of her worries. Once the match was over she appeared to have become a much more confidant player.


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  • Lulu's screen name "Lu2" is possibly a reference to the rock band U2.

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