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Klawam is a follower of Lord Van Bloot. When his master allied with the M'arrillians, Klawam was brainwashed along with Galmedar to “become better able to collaborate” with the new “allies” of Gothos Tower. Klawam was part of the combined army of M'arrillian Coral Fighters and Gothos Rebels to take UnderWorld City. Alongside Galmedar and Atrapol, Klawam would defeat the remaining UnderWorld Loyalists and win the throne for Lord Van Bloot. During the Battle For UnderWorld City, he was defeated by Narfall and Chargola.

Card Details

Basic Stats

Stat Courage Courage: 15 
(5 – 25)
Stat Power Power: 95 
(85 – 105)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom: 15 
(5 – 25)
Stat Speed Speed: 60 
(50 – 70)
 Energy: 45 
(40 – 50)


Sacrifice Klawam : Deal 20 Damage to Target Engaged Creature.


Sacrifice Klawam : Target Engaged Creature loses 20 to All Disciplines


Klawam is useful as both an UnderWorlder and as a minion. With his regular ability, he works great with Takinom, as you will be healed 25 energy and deal 20 energy. With his Minion Ability, he is great with creatures like Milla'iin, Ihun'kalin, Fal'makin, Emna'ool, and Gan'trak.

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