Karraba appears as a humanoid made of blue energy, wearing a cloak of feathers and a long green kilt. He also has a blue owl which he seems to be able to control

Background Information

Karraba is a muge that lives in Runic Grove. He works with Donmar, a good friend, to uncover the mysteries held in the ancient grove. Overtime, Karraba has tapped into the life force of the grove, giving him the ability to project creatures made from the runes, similar to the Mipedian Conjurors. [citation needed]

Personality and Behavior


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies

OverWorlders, Donmar [citation needed]



Card Details

Basic Stats


Mug: Heal 10 damage to target creature for each mugic counter on Karraba.This ability can only be used once per turn.(check the number of mugic counter when this ability resolves.)


Equip Karraba with a Mugicians Lyre so you can heal for 40 damage.

Release and Promotion

Karraba comes as one of the Super rare cards included in the OverWorld collector's scanner collector's tin.

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Karraba Has no elements

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