"To aid in the war, Ikkatosh proved he would give part of himself... literally!"
― Ikkatosh's Aichstick Flavour Text

Ikkatosh is a very old OverWorlder who acts as guardian to the Forest of Life.

Character Origins


Ikkatosh (guardian of nature)  resembles a huge talking tree.

Background Information

Ikkatosh vaguely remembers the last time the Doors of the Deepmines. It didn't end well.

When looking at Tangath Toborn in Training, Vidav and Ikkatosh can be seen. Whether they both were helping Tangath Toborn or just watching him train to be a hero is difficult to tell.


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies



Card Details

Ikkatosh is an elementalist. He is very old and has lived for ages. He can do fire and water attacks. It appears that Ikkatosh is also a guardian. His main mission is to probably guard both his tribe and nature as well.

Basic Stats


Stat Courage Courage: 35 
(25 – 45)
Stat Power Power: 25 
(15 – 35)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom: 95 
(85 – 105)
Stat Speed Speed: 65 
(55 – 75)
 Energy: 55 
(50 – 60)
When a Muge or Elementalist you control wins combat, it gains a Mugic counter.



Having lived for ages, Ikkatosh vaguely remembers the last time the Doors were open. It did not end well.

Ikkatosh, The Aich King:

Stat Courage Courage: 35 
(25 – 45)
Stat Power Power: 10 
(0 – 20)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom: 85 
(75 – 95)
Stat Speed Speed: 40 
(30 – 50)
 Energy: 30 
(25 – 35)
At the beginning of combat, if your engaged Creature has no Elemental Types, it gains 20 Energy.


The Aich King brings the power of nature even to those who cannot touch it themselves


ikkatosh is the perfect addition to any elementalist or muge army, his ability makes these creatures stronger every time they win a battle by giving them extra mugic. he should always be used with creatures like that against a large army because there is more mugic to be gained.

TV Show


He is seen in Hotekk's Challenge used by Tom, powered up because of a special location scan.

Cards and Scans


  • In the show when Ikkatosh is in the Forest of Life during Aichlyys he gets major boosts.
  • "The Aich King" features many other creatures, such as Owis, Attacat, Lomma, and Frafdo.


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