"It's a big Giant Robot!"
―attribution, episode

BattleGear Origins

The Gigantropers were created by the Past giants who lived in Gigantempopolis and were used to attack Kiru (who lead past overworlders) and his team when they came to steal the Oraklon. Ulmar found one of them and later proceeded to create more of them to help Chaor and the underworlders to fight against the M'arrillian invasion. Ulmar later enhanced them, which made them become Sentient. They got out of control and attempted to take over the UnderWorld in the TV show's episode Kicking Bot. However, Chaor was able to defeat them and fuse them to Iron Pillar saving the Underworld from obliteration.

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At the beginning of combat, equipped Creature loses all abilities and sets its Courage, Power, Wisdom, Speed and Energy to 70.



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TV Show

  • Kickin Bot

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  • use it on any muge
  • use a mega roar whille engaged creature is equiped with it
  • use it on hepptadd to raise his stats and have all elements at the same time

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