"You call them weak-minded. I call them traitors!"

Character Origins

Eximiar seems to be a cross between a werewolf and a centaur.


Eximiar is a brown furred canine creature with his lower half being that of a quadruped. He wears some armor and wields a blade, though he's seen operating a vehicle against the rogue Gigantropers in the show.

Background Information

Eximiar commands the Scorcher Squad, a unit of flame-throwing vehicles. During the M'arrillian Invasion, Eximiar fought ferociously against the his former tribe-mates turned minions. He viewed them as traitors, and when battling them, his fury would explode, causing his fire attacks to be more devastating but also becoming rash and reckless.

Personality and Behavior

Eximiar is a very ill tempered and unforgiving creature. He viewed his tribe-mates that were brainwashed as traitors, despite them having no choice in the matter. When battling these traitors, his emotions would rule him.


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies

As with most UnderWorlders, his loyalty lies with Chaor.


M'arrillians and UnderWorld Minions


Eximiar is perfect in any UnderWorld Power Deck. Giving him battlegear that increases his speed is highly recommended.

Release and Promotion

TV Show


Kickin' Bot

Eximiar and his Scorcher Squad are briefly seen trying to help Chaor fend off the Gigantropers, but are unsuccessful.

Cards and Scans


"You call them weak-minded. I call them traitors!"
―Flavor text.


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