"His strength faltered his bravery waned his feet dragged as he went insane" - card text

Mugic Origins

A rare form of mugic that Lord Van Bloot uses in an attempt to destroy Maxxor . After being cast it will slowly sap the inflicted creature of its abilities, Courage, Speed, Power etc. If all the essence of the inflicted creature is found, another creature could possibly gain its abilities, thus strengthening its own. It can make the inflicted creature hallucinate and see friends as monsters, as Maxxor did under the mugic's influence.

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In the chaotic episode "Fallen Hero ", Van Bloot uses Intress as bait to lure Maxxor into a trap, which Van Bloot uses the Decomposition mugic on Maxxor, seemingly it does nothing until Van Bloot flees and everything Maxxor sees becomes freightening.


Decomposition is shown as generic mugic when Van Bloot summons it.

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"Decomposition, a very rare and Anicent Mugic, he who falls under it's influence lives a waking nightmare of fear"

Najarin A Fearsome Fate


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