Carnival of Confusion is a Location introduced in Zenith of the Hive.

Card Information

Initiative: Stat Speed Speed

When Carnival of Confusion becomes the active Location, Creatures lose all Elemental Types. If a Creature lost Element fire Fire, it gains Element water Water. If a Creature lost Element air Air, it gains Element earth Earth. If a Creature lost Element earth Earth, it gains Element fire Fire. If a Creature lost Element water Water, it gains Element air Air. Attacks which deal elemental damage deal an additional 5 damage.

Background Information

"In the Underworld's Carnival of Confusion, nothing stays the same for long. Water becomes Air and Air becomes Earth as even the most basic Elements change constantly. To keep ahead of the environment, wise Creatures must possess great Speed, so they aren't surprised by the changes. Vast courtyards appear to occupy the smallest of spaces, and the smallest rooms may hold splendid parks. Doors appear in midair, forests blend with furnished rooms, and even kings serve peasants."
-The Ultimate Guide to All Things Chaotic


Appearance and Scenery

Notable Inhabitants


Use with Heptadd because he can use all four elements. Whatever he loses, he gets back, and all element attacks are stronger. So Heptadd can do some real damage

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 *In War Beasts, Krystella offers this card up to trade in the auction, implying she has at least one copy.

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