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When Atrapol wins a Stat Power Power Challenge, destroy target Battlegear equipped to the opposing engaged Creature.

Like most UnderWorlders. Atrapol fights best when he's already winning.


Atrapol appears as a hulking humanoid with red and grey armor. His face is hidden by a massive helmet and his breastplate highly resembles the face of his master, Lord Van Bloot. He has over-sized gauntlets and boots - it is tough to tell whether this is his armor or whether he is more of a construct of some sort as most of his armor has a stone like appearance.

Background info

Atrapol is the champion of Lord Van Bloot, leading his armies in battle. He's power is so great that he can destroy enemy battlegear with his bare hands.

During the M'arrillian Invasion, Atrapol was with Lord Van Bloot when Emna'ool came to Gothos Tower. Atropol was initially distrusting of the M'arrillian, believing that they did not need his help to defeat Chaor, though after Van Bloot agreed to an alliance these feelings dissolved (Unbeknownst to Atrapol, his master had fallen victim to the M'arrillian's brainwashing).

While Chaor and his forces were distracted by Milla'iin's incursion on the Marsh of Murk, Lord Van Bloot and Emna'ool made their move to take UnderWorld City. Atrapol lead an army of Gothos Rebels and M'arrillian Coral Fighters to take the capital. He crushed the remaining UnderWorld Loyalists with ease, allowing the Chieftain to brainwash them. By the days end, the throne of the UnderWorld was his masters. [citation needed]

During Van Bloot's Ascent, Atrapol was promoted to General of the UnderWorld Army. This position was short lived, as Chaor, Maxxor, and Iparu defeated Aa'une, the M'arrillian Leader, making the M'arrillian's Brainwashing Ability useless. During the Battle For UnderWorld City, Atrapol would face Barath Beyond, Chaor's General, resulting in Atrapol's defeat. [citation needed]

Personality and Behavior

As the commander of Van Bloot's armies, Atrapol is blunt and brutal. His most redeeming quality seems to be how to know to be on the winning side.


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies

Lord Van Bloot - It is unknown how Atrapol ranks amongst Van Bloot's followers, though there seems him and Skithia each have a grudging respect.


Chaor, Takinom, anyone who supports Chaor.


Give Atrapol the Supercharged Alterant so his base power of 55 will be at 155, making him easily win any power challenge initiated. Have any battle gear that boosts his power and if you have web cocoon, Atrapol will definitely gain fire.

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
53 From the Deep (Part Two) No Yes
56 Newbie Yes No
63 UnderWorld Overthrown No Yes
76 Threshold of Destruction No Yes


  • From the Deep (Part Two) - Atrapol appears with Van Bloot's army to challenge Chaor and Takinom. Newbie -Klay as Atrapol appears driving the Dreadthread ,and attacking the newbie as Kinnanne

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